Xometry Playlists for Remotely Working Engineers

These playlists will help you kick into high gear whether you’re working at home or in the office.

By Serena Ngoh · April 29, 2020

With many engineers across the globe—and especially in the US—stuck at home as a result of COVID-19, sometimes getting into the zone can be hard. Whether it’s children tugging at your sleeve, freshly baked quarantine bread calling your name, or a calendar suddenly overflowing with check-in meetings, Xometry is here to provide you with auditory relief.

To make these playlists, we surveyed a dozen of our very own Xometry engineers and manufacturing experts on what music helps them get into the productivity groove. They responded with: songs from video games and movies, and artists ranging from classical Vivaldi to rockin’ Queen to alternative St. Lucia.

Check out our playlists below to help you find your new normal. Listen to the easygoing and word-free Slow and Steady CAD Flow to help you tinker around with CAD designs (sometimes a good design is a marathon, not a race). Or, choose Don’t Stop Me Now: Hyperdrive if you need a higher BPM to help you beat the clock on an upcoming deadline. Finally, When You Miss Your Team is an ode to your co-workers who would normally sing praises or tell jokes at the next desk over. This playlist comes with words and chill beats to keep your spirits high.

Slow and Steady CAD Flow

No words here to stop your flow. Part video game and movie soundtrack, part classical, and part funk.

Don’t Stop Me Now: Hyperdrive

A mix of songs with high energy. Features upbeat orchestrations, EDM, rock, and more.

When You Miss Your Team

A collection of good-feeling tunes with singers crooning in your ear to keep you company.

Have Song Recommendations to Add?

We’re always open to collaboration. If you want to add your favorite songs that help you work, simply email sngoh@xometry.com for consideration.

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