Happy 4th of July From Xometry

At Xometry, our passion is helping US-based manufacturers grow and prosper. We believe in the creativity, hard work, and excellence of American manufacturing.

By Aaron Lichtig · July 04, 2018

Xometry is proud to support American manufacturing. Our partner network is 100% US-based, with over 1,100 shops in 45 states. We are honored to help machine shops large and small to grow their businesses and employ more people within their communities.

Manufacturing has been a crucial part of the American economy since our nation’s founding and we are excited about its future. As Alexander Hamilton said, “Manufacturing establishments not only occasion a positive augmentation of the produce and revenue of the society . . . they contribute essentially to rendering them greater than they could possibly be, without such establishments.”

Xometry carries on this great tradition today. Check out the video below from Working Nation about how we're helping one small-town American workshop succeed. 

So get out there, have some hot dogs and apple pie, then visit us to get a quote and support American manufacturing!

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