Things We Like: CGTrader 3D Model Marketplace

CGTrader is an excellent place for Xometry customers to find 3D models online. They have over 200,000 printable models available.

By Aaron Lichtig · June 27, 2018

Many Xometry customers like to 3D print cool designs that they find online. One of the places they most often find them is CGTrader, one of the web’s largest 3D model marketplaces. On their site you can find more than 660,000+ 3D models, over 200,000 of which are printable. If you have something you want to make and you don’t have the design yet, you may be able to find what you need on CGTrader. Whether it is modern fashion accessories, your next cosplay costume part or a broken electronics part, they have it all.

This platform also gives the opportunity to source 3D models at scale for projects with tight deadlines and reduce 3D content creation costs 5-10x compared to modeling from scratch. So when you have a need for reliable 3D print-ready design, this is a great marketplace to choose from.

To begin, just register on their website and start looking for your next 3D print! Once you get it, upload it to the Xometry Instant Quoting Engine℠ to receive a quote and begin making your part!

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