Video: Driving the Future of American Manufacturing

Working Nation's latest video from their 'Do Something Awesome' series captures our goal to make a real difference for small manufacturers across the country.

By Shilpa Garg · November 06, 2017

Xometry was recently featured by Working Nation, a non-profit organization that uses Hollywood production talent to highlight remarkable US job creators. They have captured how Xometry is impacting the lives of small manufacturers in a powerful new video from their 'Do Something Awesome' series.

The video showcases how we use technology to provide value to amazing customers like you and change the way custom manufacturing is done. Get the full story in Working Nation's blog post!

"As a small company in Pennsylvania, I couldn't call NASA and say, I'd like to do some work for you. Xometry presents that work."
—Tim O'Donnell, Ashby Manufacturing, Xometry Manufacturing Partner

Watch to see how the Xometry partner network is driving the business of American manufacturing and how wonderful customers like Josh Haldeman at Bullard use our services. We're so excited to share their feature!

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