On-Demand Webinar: Master Manufacturing on Demand

Learn without leaving your desk! Our latest webinar details how to master industrial manufacturing capabilities with our instant quoting platform.

By Shilpa Garg · August 01, 2017

When you first encounter our Xometry quoting platform, it may seem too good to be true.

But the instant pricing and manufacturability feedback we offer are real, and revolutionary! There are many features that allow you to customize processes, materials, and finishes based on your custom part needs.

Xometry’s Director of Application Engineering, Greg Paulsen, delivers an in-depth overview of our quoting platform and Xometry’s manufacturing capabilities in our recent webinar.

The webinar is available anytime! Watch here and learn how to:

  • Instantly quote custom parts
  • Specify a variety of material options, features, and finishes 
  • Get manufacturability feedback
  • Where to find the real-time status of your order
  • Which material or process is best for your practical application

This webinar is a must watch for anyone looking to manufacture faster, simpler, and more cost-effectively than ever before. At Xometry, we strive to provide the best information and customer support so you can begin quoting and manufacturing today.

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