Xometry Supplies Launches Free Ground Shipping on 100k+ SKUs

Xometry Supplies helps its network of manufacturing partners deliver jobs on time and at even lower costs than before with two new offerings on its platform.

By Serena Ngoh · September 10, 2019

Xometry Supplies has made two major changes to its product offerings. First, all material and tool orders will now receive free ground shipping. Additionally, there are now over 100,000 SKUs available in the Xometry Supplies online store.

Since its launch in January 2019, the site has been steadily growing its product offerings based on feedback from customers and manufacturing facilities.

“The power of Xometry lies in understanding our customers’ and our manufacturing partners’ needs for better solutions for tooling, raw material sourcing, pricing, and ordering on tight timelines,” said Jaa Aguilar, Xometry Supplies General Manager. “Any customer or partner can visit the Xometry Supplies marketplace for immediate pricing and shipping details on over 110,000 SKUs. There are no extra steps or waiting to get the best pricing and delivery times, which is now measured in hours, not days.”

Aguilar adds that over the next three months, Xometry Supplies will continue to expand, by doubling the existing product count as well as by boosting website and platform functionality to make the ordering process easier and more seamless for its manufacturing partners.

Xometry Supplies was founded to address the needs of Xometry’s partners, particularly shops and manufacturing facilities that do CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication. Partners faced challenges with delivering Xometry jobs on-time due to hurdles and delays in procuring material and tools. Xometry recognized and addressed these challenges through the creation of an online material and tooling sourcing platform. Now, Xometry offers its manufacturing partners the tooling and material needed to complete custom manufacturing jobs in days instead of weeks. In turn, this enables greater manufacturing efficiency and production speed.

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