XomReplay: June 2019

For the month of June, we're excited to share our latest enhancements such as increased add-in download options, excellent SLA high resolution quoting, a cohesive online experience, and more.

By Serena Ngoh · June 05, 2019

Since our last issue of XomReplay, we've had another round of enhancements to our offerings and services. For the month of June, we're over the moon about our product updates including:

  • New and improved ways to download our add-ins
  • Better quoting support for high resolution SLA materials
  • Expansion of our cohesive user experience

Bringing Xometry Directly to Inventor and SOLIDWORKS Users

If we noticed you uploaded an Inventor or SOLIDWORKS file, we’re now providing you with a shortcut to download the Xometry add-in for Inventor and add-in for SOLIDWORKS from within a quote. Why? We’d like to make your life as a product designer easier.

The Xometry add-ins for Autodesk Inventor and SOLIDWORKS allow you to quote parts directly in CAD without having to visit the Xometry website. You can quote parts while you design them so you can get an immediate price, lead time, and DFM feedback in your CAD workspace.

Pictured above: a prompt to download the SOLIDWORKS add-in when you upload a .sldprt file. Use the add-in to get Xometry quotes directly in CAD.

The High Resolution SLA You Need and Love

We’re now making sure customers can get their parts printed exactly to CAD when printing in SLA high resolution materials. When parts fit within the high resolution machine build size of 10” by 10” by 10”, we’ll get you an instant quote and a job sent to our partner network in a jiffy. When a part is bigger than this, we’ll let you know your part may need a manual review instead of providing you with a false positive.

Our business may be modern but our principles are traditional: we’re earning your business through trust, quality, and competitive pricing and lead times.

Pictured above: when you upload parts to print in SLA high resolution materials and a part is too big to fit the machine, we’ll provide appropriate feedback.

A More Intuitive Online Flow

We understand there’s more to digital manufacturing than just uploading parts and receiving an instant quote. It’s online personalization, easy navigation, great visuals, and so much more. So, we’ve redesigned and updated the framework of some of your personal account pages.

These pages are faster and more responsive than ever, enabling a seamless user experience. Our goal is to take the modern, intuitive web experience of the Xometry Instant Quoting Engine and expand it into a cohesive and beautiful experience across our entire platform.

Pictured above: A revamped account settings page—just one piece of our work to bring you a cohesive and beautiful user experience across the Xometry platform

Smaller Things

Customers can now edit the due date after they’ve sent an RFQ in our RFQ platform. This will allow customers to extend the date to collect more responses or close the RFQ if they’ve already received enough bids.

That’s it for now. Have questions or suggestions? Contact Hunter Guerin, Senior Product Manager, at hguerin@xometry.com.

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