XomReplay: May 2019

For the month of May, we're over the moon about our product updates, many of which enhance the geometric analysis of your part uploads.

By Serena Ngoh · May 10, 2019

Since our last issue of XomReplay, we've had another round of enhancements to our offerings and services. For the month of May, we're over the moon about our product updates, many of which enhance the geometric analysis of your part uploads. These improvements help you quickly understand design errors and reduce any setbacks in the ordering process.

DFM Detection for Lathe Parts

We’re now ensuring your CNC machined parts—whether they’ll be lathed or turned—are quoted as accurately as possible. In the past, Xometry’s DFM detection for CNC machining was optimized for milling. This may have resulted in the incorrect flagging of grooves as unmachinable internal corners. Now we've improved DFM detection so that lathe parts are analyzed for surfaces that could be produced on a lathe.

With this upgrade, your part will be accurately priced and sent to the partner with the best turning capabilities for your part every single time.

Our platform is now optimized for lathe parts

Upload Performance Enhancements

With an upgrade of our computational libraries, algorithms at the heart of the geometric feature detection code are upgraded, allowing for more accurate and faster speed of processing overall. We re-analyzed one million files to test upload speeds, and we’re happy to announce increased performance improvements across the board. Our slowest parts are now faster on average, meaning you can upload any part you want and see better DFM feedback, more accurate pricing, and experience less wait time.

Straightforward DFM Feedback on CNC Machined Corners

Now when your CNC part has corners, we’re showing you exactly what you need to see when you receive DFM feedback. Previously, when our algorithms detected internal square corners that couldn’t be machined without the use of EDM or broaching operations, the quoting engine might highlight more involved edges than necessary. For example, as seen in the image below, a simple pocket in a CNC milled part might show all the edges highlighted. Now only edges that must be filleted will be highlighted.


Only edges that must be filleted will be highlighted

For CNC machined parts with corners, the quoting engine is now also better at detecting sharp corners at the base of sloped pockets and drafted surfaces. This detection will offer engineers precise design feedback and help them ensure their final parts are manufacturable.


Our algorithms detect sharp corners at the base of sloped pockets and drafted surfaces

Healing Power for All Files

Based on a similar release from February 2019, Xometry has applied the same STL solid file healing to CAD files. Now, our algorithms can automatically repair 5 times more files that are found to be mathematically flawed. This means there’s 5 times less chance you’ll receive an error message due to design errors and be prompted to submit a pesky manual quote. 

By “mathematically flawed,” we mean part files that visually appear well-formed, but have flaws that prevent the geometric analysis necessary to price the part. For example, there might be a tiny gap between two surfaces that should otherwise be connected. Xometry’s feature detection technology sees this error and stitches the surfaces together automatically. If your design didn’t properly tessellate, don’t worry! Xometry has got you covered.

Thorough Investigation of Part Features

Previously, critical thin features may not have been detected by our quoting engine, due to being obscured by bulkier neighbors that were within tolerance. Our new DFM detection uses a method that groups and measures tessellations differently, so all the specific features you designed will be more accurately detected and printed. 

We’ve also improved the detection of quick turn parts, allowing us to properly identify all the CNC Machined parts that qualify for up to 20% lower pricing and expedited shipping times.

Smaller Things

  • When you add surface roughness requirements to your part, the default will be set to “entire part,” signaling the entire surface of the part will be manufactured with the same surface roughness

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