Partner Scorecard Snapshots

As a way to promote transparence across the Partner Network, we recently kicked off a monthly release of Partner Performance Snapshots. Here are the details around the metrics we are tracking.

By Blair Staunton · October 17, 2017

Xometry recently kicked off the monthly Partner Performance Snapshot.  The Snapshot outlines key data points with reference to parters' performance on the Xometry Partner Network for the specific month referenced. It does not reflect any prior months. The goal of the Snapshots is to promote performance transparency across the network.

Here is a list of data points measured in the Snapshot with an accompanying definitions.

Jobs on Board: The number of jobs that were pushed to your job board in the previous month.

Jobs Read: The number of jobs you read in the previous month.  This includes any jobs that were visible on the page when you logged into view your job board.

Jobs Accepted: The number of jobs you accepted in the previous month.  This does not necessarily match up to the number of jobs you shipped that month.

Parts Shipped: The number of parts that you shipped (to Xometry or directly to the customer) in the previous month.

% Parts on Time: The percentage of parts that you shipped in the previous month that were delivered on time.

DPT: Defects per Thousand parts delivered in the previous month.

Value of Jobs Accepted: The dollar value of the jobs you accepted in the previous month.

Partner Monthly Score: The % of jobs that were delivered on time and the DPT of the parts that were shipped in the month. This score is only reflective of the parts shipped in that month and does not include previous months.

    • 90-100 = A
    • 80-89 = B
    • 70-79 = C 
    • <60-69 = D

If you have questions about the metrics in your report or the score you received in a given month, please reach out to  Our Partner Success Managers will be able to discuss the details of your jobs and explain the score more thoroughly.