Xometry Additive Partner Guide

Version 1.0 October 16, 2019

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Approved 3D Printer Models

This list covers all 3D printer models by material type approved for the Xometry manufacturing platform. We have no plans to approve any other machines or technologies at this time.

Xometry Manufacturing Guide

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about being a Xometry partner including how to accept work, our manufacturing and quality standards, and shipping.

Direct Shipping Program

This packet goes in-depth on the Xometry Direct Shipping program including our expectations and procedures you must follow as a direct ship partner.

Packing Procedures

This handy one-page guide shows you the ins and outs of Xometry's packing and shipping procedures that you need to follow for every job you take from Xometry.

Taking Work

Any issues that you might have on the job board, including printing shipping labels, DFM questions, drawing/orientation requests, should all be sent to work@xometry.com

Job Limits

  • First 5 jobs:
    • Limits are set at 1 job at a time, for a maximum value of $5,000 per job.
    • Unlike the test part, these are actual jobs for real customers.
  • Our basic expectations are the same across all of our additive technologies:
    • We require greater than 95% on-time shipping (OTS)
    • Less than 1% RMA rate (Order Volume)
    • We look at partner RMAs on a line-item basis
    • If there are four line items in a job, and one line item is RMAd, that's a 25% hit regardless of the number of parts in that line item.

Job Board

  • Jobs are placed on the Partner Boards based on listed capabilities.
    • It is VERY Important that your machine capabilities are accurately listed on the Portal
  • Jobs stay on the boards for 48 hours.
    • A partner will only see a job once.
    • If the price or lead time is not acceptable, you may either ignore the job or decline it and make a counteroffer - a pop-up screen will come up for counteroffer
  • Please provide feedback on jobs you reject!
    • We listen and make improvements based on your feedback.
  • You should make the right call for you and your business, and only take what you can handle.
    • There is no penalty for not taking work.
  • If no partner accepts, the job is placed manually with one of the partners who submitted counter-offers.
    • We will pick the lowest bid made in the counteroffers
    • If we accept your counteroffer, you will see a notice on your board and you will be emailed
  • Notifications:
    • You will receive a morning and afternoon email about available jobs
    • You will also receive an email for each available job within minutes of it being posted, although you may opt-out of this process
    • There is a surge period between 10:00AM and 12:00PM EST each day -- this window is when most jobs go live once they are checked by the Engineering team.
    • You are required to accept your first job within 30 days of receiving this. Not accepting a job within 30 days will result in your account being frozen and unable to see potential jobs.


  • It is recommended that all partners review this in the Partner Guide under “Invoicing”.
  • Invoices submitted between the 10th and the 23rd will be paid on the 14th.
  • Invoices submitted between the 24th and the 9th will be paid on the 28th.
  • It can take up to 48 hours for a payment to post.
  • We use SAP Concur as our invoicing system.
    • You should have previously received an email with a form to generate a Concur account
    • You will receive an invitation once you’ve SHIPPED your first job
    • Concur is only used for viewing the status of invoices, not submitting
    • All invoices must be submitted as attachments, not links, via email to partnerinvoices@xometry.com
    • You will be provided with best practices instructions to ensure invoices are submitted correctly


  • You might have seen in the partner guide that we require all parts to be inspected and photographed, but that is only true for CNC.
  • Unless specifically requested by us, this is not required for additive parts. The only exception is DMLS parts, for which we require photographs to be uploaded prior to shipping.


  • When you are ready to ship the completed parts, you will receive labels addressed to the customer.
  • In the email that you will receive there is a link to a recorded webinar on Xometry Customer Shipping Procedures and Packaging Tips given by Andrew Deatrick, our Shipping Manager. You are strongly encouraged to view this webinar.
  • Dyed parts should always be individually bagged or protectively wrapped prior to shipping unless the part is smaller than a golf ball. This prevents dyed surfaces from rubbing together and becoming marred.


  • Partners who have scores between 80 -100 are eligible for bonuses, and the bonus will vary based on your score.
  • Bonuses will start on your 4th job.
  • Once you have reached the bonus threshold, new jobs on your board are offered at a base price + a bonus.
  • The bonus amount will be shown separately.

Your Partner Success Score

1) Quality

  • Only ship good parts!
  • Partners must make a visual comparison of the printed part against the CAD model after printing, and a visual inspection for defects of all parts prior to shipping
    • 1) It’s ALWAYS better to ship late than to ship a bad part
    • 2) RMAs also count against PSS
  • Sample RMA Calculation: if there are 100 line items in a job and 50 are rejected, then that’s 50 defects-- this will hurt you more than a job with only 1 line item on it with rejected parts
  • Your parts must always be packaged correctly, with all required documentation for the part in the portal

2) On-Time Shipping

  • The lead time you are given is a ship date, not the delivery date
  • The length of the shipping delay is factored: being late by 1 day is less impactful than being late by 6 days
  • Always complete the “shipped” check-in on the day of pickup

3) Communication

  • The Communication score is based on 4 trackable components, which are asked and answered as pop-ups in the job board, or as an email in the case of #4 below.
    • 1) We ask you if you have the material to complete the job (easy "yes" for additive)
    • 2) We ask you if you have started fabricating
    • 3) We ask you if you have finished fabricating and are ready to inspect / ship
    • 4) We send an automated email exactly two days before the job is due to ask "is XXX job going to ship on time"
      • You are penalized for saying "yes" and a job ends up running late
      • In the additive world, this question often can't be answered until the day a job is due, but with excellent OTS, it’s worth the risk to say "yes".
  • Please respond to job kickoff emails when the job is received. This email informs our job management team that you’re ready to go and on top of the order.
  • When the statuses are not updated, we’re notified and will email/call to verify so we can ensure the customer receives the order on time
  • If you do run into any issues - such as you are unable to obtain material, are missing dimensions on a file, or have DFM issues, we have experts on-site who can assist with roadblocks.
    • Email addresses will be provided.

4) Engagement

  • Engagement is based on your rate of job acceptance.