New Payment Methods FAQs

Introducing A New Way To Pay With Xometry Supplies

New Payment Methods FAQs

What is the “Buy Now. Pay Later.” payment feature?

It’s a new way of purchasing tooling and raw materials from Xometry Supplies. Xometry Partners can purchase supplies interest-free and with no money down by deducting the cost of their Supplies order from the value of their active Xometry Jobs. This appears as a new payment method during checkout.

Who is eligible for the payment method?

Xometry Partners (with a status of Approved or PIP) are eligible to checkout on Supplies using this payment method.

How does it work?

During checkout, Partners will see a new payment method - “Buy Now. Pay later.” When selecting this payment method, the price of the Supplies Purchase will be deducted from the payout on their active Xometry Job.

What is required to use this payment method?

The Partner must specify

  • Job Number - will be verified by accounting staff
  • PO Number

What happens if the Partner spends more than the value of their Xometry Job?

Should there not be adequate funds to pay for the Purchase, Xometry Supplies shall invoice the Customer for payment. Payment shall be due upon receipt of the invoice unless pre-approved for payment terms.

Purchase Order Payment

What is the Purchase Order Payment method?

Xometry Supplies customers can purchase supplies on terms, where payment is not due at the time of purchase.

Who is eligible to use PO Payment Processing?

Xometry Supplies customers that have been manually approved for terms.

When are invoices due for customers paying with POs?

Unless otherwise expressly agreed in advance by Xometry, all invoices are due thirty (30) days after the date of the invoice.

How can a customer pay with a PO?

  1. A customer must get set up on terms
  2. Once approved, the PO payment method will appear as a payment method in checkout.

General Information

Demo Video

Check out this helpful video if you’d like to see a demo of the options in use!

Terms and Conditions

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What if someone has additional questions?

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