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The Rise or Fall of American Manufacturing

With various shelter-in-place ordinances entering their second month, Americans are naturally eager for things to return to normal. Adults want to go back to work, children actually miss school and companies are itching to reboot. With the economic devastation growing each day, America remains closed for business. Read More
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The 3D printing industry steps up to help battle the COVID-19 pandemic

In this edition of Technology Forward, we spoke with Bill Cronin, Chief Revenue Officer at Xometry. The company’s U.S. based manufacturing partners form the backbone of its manufacturing-on-demand platform. This platform is now being put to use to help designers as they assist in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More
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2020 Will Be Pivotal For EMS Companies And Their Marketing Teams

The electronic manufacturing services (EMS) industry has grown to over $1 trillion, but like many things of great size, it’s as maneuverable as a supertanker. Building momentum takes time, and changing direction is painfully slow. Recently, a perfect storm has been brewing that will disrupt this industry that has changed little since the 1990s. 2020 will be a seminal year for EMS. Those who adapt will prosper, and those who ignore these challenges will struggle, or worse, become irrelevant. Read More

Building the New Manufacturing Stack

Now manufacturing platforms such as Maryland-based Xometry are using machine learning to accumulate a growing mountain of data about “best case” costs and manufacturability for parts. Read More

Why 2019 Will Be The Year Of The Manufacturing Platform

The big tech platforms get all the attention these days. But the biggest tech news of 2019 may turn out to be the rise of the manufacturing platforms—companies that rewrite the rules of production and product development, and in the process create new opportunities for local manufacturing. Read More

To 3D Print, or Not to 3D Print?

The time has come for engineers, plant managers and automation systems integrators to face the facts. Additive manufacturing (AM) will not—nor was it ever expected to—pre-empt traditional production systems. The truth is that not every production job should be 3D printed. The question, therefore, becomes: When is AM the most cost-effective means for a manufacturing application, and when are traditional production technologies like injection molding and machining the optimum choice? Read More
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Sharing Goes Corporate

Consumers long since embraced platforms that facilitate short-term rentals of underused assets. Now business is getting in on the game. Read More
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AM vs. CNC Rules of Thumb

Everyone could use a little guidance about the best way to produce a part. Xometry shares words of wisdom about making a case for additive manufacturing. Read More
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Xometry: Meet The Matchmaking Masterminds Of Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a notoriously finicky business. But smaller machine shops dependent on a handful of local customers in a single industry are particularly vulnerable to the whims of economic downturns. Since finding new work can be costly and time-consuming, some have been hoping for an Uber-like service for manufacturing. The Maryland-based company Xometry recently developed that very model. Read More

Xometry Continues On-Demand Roll With Acquisition And New Funding

A number of companies over the past several years have proclaimed that they have the answer for resurrecting manufacturing in the U.S. Unfortunately, several of these efforts have turned out to be little more than chest beating without much real substance. Then, a company came along about four years ago that really had a concept and plan for making a difference for the future of manufacturing in the U.S. – Xometry. Read More

Custom-Parts Marketplace Xometry Raises $25 Million in New Funding

Xometry Inc., an online marketplace for custom-manufactured parts, has acquired rival firm MakeTime Inc. and raised $25 million to fuel future expansion. The deal creates what Xometry says is the industry’s largest distributed on-demand manufacturing network, with more than 2,300 domestic manufacturers and machine shops that make prototypes and smaller runs of parts for customers including BMW AG and General Electric Co., which are also investors. Read More
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Trying Out Xometry‘s Updated Instant Quoting Engine

Xometry​, the on-demand manufacturing platform, has released an updated version of its Instant Quoting Engine. Key features include a redesigned summary view intended to help users quickly review their quotes, a part-level modification page designed to capture all changes in real time, and an always-visible 3D viewer that can offer instant design feedback and display it directly on the model. Xometry provides instant quotes on CNC Machining, Sheet Metal Fabrication, 3D Printing, and Urethane Casting. Read More

Future Factory: How Technology Is Transforming Manufacturing

Xometry’s site allows users to simply upload a 3D file and get quotes on milling, 3D printing, or even injection molding for parts. Right now, the company allows up to 10,000 injection-molded parts to be ordered on-demand, so it can handle builds done by larger manufacturers. Read More
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Xometry Raises $15 Million in Funding

Xometry Inc., an online marketplace for custom-manufactured parts, has raised $15 million in a funding round led by BMW Group’s venture-capital arm, the startup said Wednesday. Read More
The Wall Street Journal

Exec: BMW-fueled funder means tech jobs in Durham

A Maryland technology firm with a growth Durham headcount has raised $15 million in new financing, a round led by the venture arms of companies such as BMW and GE. Wednesday, the on-demand manufacturing platform announced its latest investment, bringing its cash haul in 2017 alone to $22 million. Read More
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Xometry raises $15 million in funding round

Xometry Inc., an online marketplace for custom-manufactured parts, has raised $15 million in a funding round led by BMW Group's venture-capital arm, the startup said Wednesday. The Gaithersburg, Md.,-based firm connects companies that need prototypes and custom parts with a network of domestic manufacturers and machine shops that can swiftly turn those orders around. Read More

Review: Xometry.com

Online provision of manufacturing services has grown massively in recent years. Al Dean takes a look at Xometry, which has taken the US by storm, and finds a service that’s taking a very different approach to the whole industry Read More

Design and Instantly Quote in One Integrated SOLIDWORKS Workspace

Xometry is a one stop shop for manufacturing on demand and produces custom parts through a nationwide manufacturing partner network. Xometry capabilities include CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, 3D printing and urethane casting. The Xometry online quoting experience is available as a free Add-In within SOLIDWORKS! Read More

From the Shop Floor to the Top Floor

Todd Adlon, president of American Manufactured Inc. in Millerstown, Pennsylvania, talks about the journey in taking a leap of faith and starting his own CNC machining business, and how Xometry helped him make connections that matter. Read More
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Tech and the renaissance of manufacturing in America

From campaign slogans to executive orders, manufacturing has quickly become one of the most politicized topics of our era. While this may help politicians get elected, it will not ignite a manufacturing renaissance in America. What will is technology. Read More

Is 3D Printing Right for My Industry?

Product developers know the drill. Prototypes and mock ups bring designs to life. Historically, they are often developed in a machine shop, stamped “not for production” and put through the ringer for testing. In today’s world, however, industrial level 3D printing, known as additive manufacturing, and advanced CNC machining allow manufacturers to develop prototypes significantly faster and iterate on demand. This is rapid prototyping. Read More

What Donald Trump Can Learn About Reviving Manufacturing From A Startup

[Xometry], which has raised $23 million in investment capital from individuals and from GE Ventures and Highland Capital Partners, has 80 employees and expects 2017 revenue of more than $20 million. In this interview, which has been edited and condensed, [CEO Randy] Altschuler, 46, explains why he thinks Xometry has a better chance of boosting manufacturing jobs than the president. Read More

Ordering Custom Parts is Easier Than Ever with Instant Quoting

Xometry is transforming American manufacturing by making quoting and ordering custom 3D printed and CNC machined parts easier than ever. Their advanced manufacturing platform provides a streamlined way for engineers and designers to get instant pricing and manufacturability feedback. All it takes is a 3D CAD file. Read More

Many Manufacturing Processes – One Instant Quote

Maryland-based Xometry has created a novel solution to the capability and resource problem that’s deceptively simple: connect part designers with part makers across the U.S. who offer a broad range of capabilities. Read More

Bridging the Divide Between Design and Manufacturing

One of the most encouraging trends we’ve witnessed in the past few years has been the preponderance of younger people designing and creating products outside the traditional manufacturing ecosystem and without the formal education usually associated with a career in product design. Read More
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Editor’s Pick: Xometry for SOLIDWORKS

The vital role on-demand manufacturing service providers fill hardly needs an introduction. Whether you want 3D-printed prototypes, some quick fixtures or a short run of a custom part, they’re ready to work with you to put a range of skilled capabilities to work for you. Read More
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An In-depth Look at Xometry: The Manufacturing Firm that Provides a Solution from Prototyping to Production

For those of us constantly keeping up with the wildly unpredictable 3D printing market, we may sometimes become too consumed with the desktop market, putting the professional-grade service bureaus on the back-burner of our attention span. But, for companies like NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Ford, 3D printing technology has gained prominence as a complementary manufacturing technique, one that is continuously becoming more relevant for production-grade components. Read More
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How Xometry Aims to Become the 'Amazon of Manufacturing'

CEO Randy Altschuler knows what it takes to build a successful tech business and when he jumps into a new venture, people pay attention. Between 2000 and 2008, Altschuler co-founded two East Coast-based companies that would ultimately be sold with big price tags attached to corporate giants. Read More
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