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How to Create Technical Drawings for Legacy Parts

Despite the prevalence of 3D CAD as manufacturing blueprints, many companies still have thousands of older parts, also known as “legacy parts” which still need to be fabricated for use in maintenance or repair operations and for which they only have 2D drawings. This ebook will walk you through 10 steps to make a technical drawing, with clear instructions for your manufacturer. This ebook also includes a SOLIDWORKS technical drawing template.

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2D part blueprint

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3 Introduction: A Paradigm Shift to CAD-Driven Manufacturing

4 Options for Working with Legacy Prints

5 How to Create a Technical Print from Scratch (Step-by-Step with Diagrams)

6 Create a Template

7 Add Coordinates and a Notes List

8 Check the Scale before Drawing

9 Ensure Correct Tolerances

10 Create Templates for Subsequent Sheets

10 Ensure the Correct Drawing Projection of Views

11 Include an Isometric View if Possible

12 Limit the Number of Hidden Lines

13 Ensure Clarity of Dimensions

14 Include Full Specifications for Materials and Surface Finishes

15 Example Template Summary with a SOLIDWORKS technical drawing template

16 How to Get a 3D Model

16 Using Xometry’s Digital RFQ Marketplace to Turn Drawings Into Parts

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