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An Inventor's Guide to Developing and Protecting Your Product Ideas

Whether you’re new to the world of entrepreneurship or have experience but are looking for the latest tips, this eBook will arm you with advice from industry experts so you can successfully bring your product to market and protect it legally.

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New ideas and the small businesses that spring forth from them are the lifeblood of the American economy. At Xometry, we pride ourselves on helping small businesses grow their customer base and market their products and services. An Inventor's Guide to Developing and Protecting Your Product Ideas guides you through the process of transforming your ideas into inventions that can be marketed and sold. 

This eBook provides practical steps that empower you to take the leap into becoming a small business owner and entrepreneur. You’ll discover how to prototype a product, ways to protect your invention from theft, where to get seed funding for your business idea, and how to determine if product licensing is right for you.

Preview the Table of Contents:

  • Introduction 
  • The Product Development Process
  • How to Invent a Product and Take It to Market
  • How to Prototype a Product
  • How to Protect Your Invention from Theft
  • How to Get Seed Funding for Your Product or Business Idea
  • What Is Product Licensing, and How to Use it with Your Invention
  • Epilogue
  • Sources

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