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On-Demand Webinar: Is Your Project Ready for Injection Molding?

Learn what design mistakes we commonly see in Injection Molding parts and how they can dramatically alter the finished part from what was initially conceptualized.

Xomety X
By Team Xometry
October 9, 2020
 1 min read
Mark Osterman, VP of Technical Sales and Pre-Sales Engineering
June 7, 2024
 3 min read
Is Your Project Ready for Injection Molding?

We notice that 80-90% of the Injection Molding parts submitted on our site have the same common design mistakes.

Learn from Injection Molding experts Greg Paulsen and Travis Minyard how to prevent design issues that can affect the quality of your parts as well as costs!


  • The Injection Molding process
  • Design 101 - Mistakes to avoid
  • CAD walk-through and live editing
  • Open Q&A with our Injection Molding experts

From prototype, to pilot, to production parts, Xometry combines the latest Injection Molding processes with proprietary technology and an experienced Injection Molding manufacturing team to deliver high quality, on-demand injection molded parts.

Xomety X
Team Xometry
This article was written by various Xometry contributors. Xometry is a leading resource on manufacturing with CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, 3D printing, injection molding, urethane casting, and more.