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Xometry's Injection Molding Solutions for the Medical Industry

Xometry's network has decades of experience with plastic injection molding for parts used in medical applications. Our strength is helping our customers make complex parts that our competitors can't make.

Aaron Lichtig - Xometry Contributor
By Aaron Lichtig
October 9, 2020
 1 min read
Mark Osterman, VP of Technical Sales and Pre-Sales Engineering
June 7, 2024
 3 min read

Xometry provides a range of injection molding solutions tailored to the medical industry. We offer:

  • ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 registered facilities
  • ISO Class 8 and Class 7 clean room environments
  • 100% US-based tooling and production
  • Overmolding, insert molding, assembly, and post-mold heat staking
  • Part sizes ranging from miniature to 300 square inches
  • Expertise with a wide range of medical materials including PEEK, Ultem ®, TPEs, Radel ®, PSU, Delrin, Lexan ® and more

We also help you navigate the complexities of the injection molding process. Our skilled team of engineers:

  • Understands your end use (prototype, saleable, low to high volume) and helps identify the right manufacturing solution
  • Gives you a detailed tool design review
  • Guides you through multiple tool trials, including managing design iterations

For your free quote and design-for-manufacturability feedback, please upload your CAD file below, or download our injection molding design guide.

See more details here.

Aaron Lichtig - Xometry Contributor
Aaron Lichtig
VP of Growth Marketing at Xometry, Jeopardy! winner, and proud father of two. When I'm not crunching numbers or playing trivia, I enjoy writing about manufacturing design and innovation.