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Kellogg's Research Labs
Job ShopEstablished 201311-25 Employees
Research and prototype facility pioneering memory shape set material: Nitinol. A exceptionally strong and wear resistant Nickle Titanium alloy that has physical shape memory properties. It can be actuated an infinite amount of times via increasing temp or supplying a current. Facility is fully equipt with CNC mills, lathes and Wire EDM's. We offer very short turn around times on proto type and offer levels of production services for Nitinol and non nitinol materials. Visit For more info and videos about Nitinol properties and shape setting in action.
Kellogg's Research Labs
326 Chestnut Hill
New Boston, NH 03070
CNC Machining
proto type to production. Most rare and exotic alloys including Nitinol
EDM - Electrical Discharge Machining
Most metals including Nitinol
Custom Tooling
proto type and test all forums of Nitinol applications including electronics, medical and aero.