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Smith Industries LLC
Service BureauEstablished 20211-10 Employees
We are a full service 3D printing shop, specializing in high detail models and finishing. We have both SLA and FDM printers and a wide range of materials on hand at all times. We have materials for basic prototyping all the way up to engineering grade materials for end use parts.
Smith Industries LLC
3972 Gaviota ave
Long Beach, CA 90807

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3D Printing
We offer 3D printing with both SLA and FDM technologies in a multitude of materials to meet our customers needs.
Urethane Molding
When our customers need higher production numbers we meet this by creating a silicone mold from a 3D printed master and casting the parts.
Finishing Capabilities
We have highly skilled painters on site to give our parts a end product look