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Kadan Consultants, Inc.
Established 200111-25 Employees
In the past 19 years Kadan has worked with many different customers across a wide range of industries completed many different types of projects. Each varying in scope, size, material, tolerance and everything in between. Our staff of skilled machinists and programmers continually meets or exceeds customer’s expectations even with the tightest tolerances and complex geometries. Our inventory of numerically controlled mills and lathes along with all of the other supporting equipment has Kadan positioned to take on any sized project, big or small. Completing the job or build in a timely manner.
Kadan Consultants, Inc.
5662 Research Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
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Aircraft Jigs & fixtures, Drill Jigs, Machining fixtures
Complete fab shop, Steel & Aluminum Welding
Custom Tooling
Aircraft Jigs & fixtures, Drill Jigs, Machining fixtures designed in house.