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RDM Design Engineering and Rapid Prototyping
Engineering & Design ServicesEstablished 20151-10 Employees
RDM Innovation is an engineering design and product development company that creates innovative prototypes and solutions for companies and individual inventors. Team RDM is comprised of mechanical, electrical, industrial, and manufacturing engineers. RDM’s in-house machining capabilities allow the company to specialize in à-la-carte services that streamlining the confusing and lengthy R&D process, including Computer-aided Design, Prototyping, and Manufacturing. This unique approach positions RDM to manufacture successful products for a wide range of industries. From consumer goods to medical devices, RDM designs and builds products with our clients, instead of for them. RDM’s contract and additive manufacturing capabilities include:  Engineering Design o Product Modeling and Computer Aided Design (SolidWorks)  Mechanical  Electrical  Software  Tooling & Fixture o Finite Element Analysis (FEA) & Product Testing o GDT Technical Drawing  Graphic Design o Dynamic Print Work o Logo Concepts & Identity o Responsive Websites o Autodesk Maya 3D Rendering o Trade Show Support o Worldwide Packaging  Rapid Prototyping and Production o 3D Printing  SLA  SLS  FDM o Integrated Circuit and PCB Prototyping o Laser Engraving/Cutting/Etching o Metal Fabrication  3-Axis CNC  Bridgeport Mill o Plastic Molding  Silicone  Thermoset  Rubber Over-molding o Order Fulfillment
RDM Design Engineering and Rapid Prototyping
6911 NW 22nd Street Suite 2J
Gainesville, FL 32653