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West Portal Industries
Contract ManufacturerEstablished 20191-10 Employees
We are a new facility that has been created in response to regional changes in our local economy. As an energy community, we have been supplying energy to the nation for the last 50 years. The founders of WPI have stepped up to the encouragements from local leaders to offer some assistance in planting the seeds for economic diversification. As multiple patent holders, we continue to build our company through significant supply chain and contract manufacturing projects while simultaneously developing tool making, metal stamping and injection molding for the valley that will also provide vo-tech training and opportunity to our youth through our local high school and community college. Additionally, West Portal Industries has developed a reputation for excellence in the sub Assembly manufacturing industry as the assembly of four essential and proprietary products are under contract to be manufactured with processes that include CNC component manufacturing, electrical cabling, epoxy potting, electronics component soldering, vacuum testing and component polishing. These assembled components are built, tested, documented and then shipped off to be sold globally. West Portal Industries, A team of dedicated professionals, proudly delivering precision work on or ahead of schedule.
West Portal Industries
1115 Yampa Avenue
Suite 5
Craig, CO 81625

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CNC Machining
Tormach PCNC1100 3 Axis Mill with 4th Axis, Okuma LNC8 OSP700L