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Pinto Products
Production ShopEstablished 19951-10 Employees
Pinto Products specializes in a variety of manufacturing/machining/fabrication services that are needed today in a variety of industries. At Pinto Products, we believe that a balance between lean manufacturing techniques and strong personal relationships is the model for success. From the beginning of a project to final delivery, we focus our energies on continuous improvement and belief that customer satisfaction is paramount.
Pinto Products
2525 Miller Rd
Kalamazoo, MI 49001
CNC Machining
Pinto Products can produce prototypes, tooling or components using one of our two CNC Vertical Milling machines or our CNC Lathe machine. We also have a number of manual machines that are utilized in our production processes when/if necessary. Our highly skilled machinists provide high quality parts with efficiency and accuracy, which we here at Pinto Products strive to uphold.
Finishing Capabilities
Pinto Products offers a wide arrange of finishings including powder coating, black oxide, plating and various anodizing. We understanding it's not only the functionality of the parts that are important to our customers but the looks and longevity of the parts are equally or more important to our customers reputation.
Pinto Products is known for it's ability to provide high quality sub-assemblies and complete product manufacturing for a number of leading customers in various industries. We work along side our customers to ensure that every aspect of the order is handled and produced in the highest manner to maximize our customers results.
Custom Tooling
Pinto Products has a vast history of working with customers to design and/or produce custom tooling or prototypes to fit their specific needs. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and wants, and provide the highest quality of "one off" tooling needed to ensure highly demanded results.
Pinto Products fabrication services not only includes milling and turning, it also includes metal stamping and welding of various materials to create a “one of a kind” product. Our on-stop shop can handle every step of the way for our customers from design to assembling to reduce our customer's cost.