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ShelfLife Agriculture LLC
Engineering & Design ServicesEstablished 20211-10 Employees
-Small shop focusing in 3D printing Prototypes. -Can perform engineering/design work. Experienced in Fixture engineering.
ShelfLife Agriculture LLC
628 E. Parent Ave
Suite 301
Royal Oak, MI 48067
Designed a Turntable Fixture
Designed a test bench for a cutting table.
Fixture Design for Machining
Printed a fine mesh part
+3 More
Fused Deposition Modeling
We have two Creality CR-10 S5's ready to print parts 500mm x 500mm x 500mm.
Project Management/CAD design
We have experience designing fixtures, designing parts to handle stresses, creating parts ready to be printed, and reverse engineering.
Program Management
Fixture Design
3D Scanning
We have the ability to 3D scan parts and create an STL mesh.