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Job ShopEstablished 20211-10 Employees
We are a small machine shop in Belgrade, Montana we consist of one Automotive Engineer and one Aeronautical Engineer with 15 years collective manufacturing experience. Currently we have a CNC mill well suited to aerospace materials and we are expecting to procure a CNC lathe in the early part of 2022. We look forward to making you some beautiful, high quality parts!
493 Jetway Drive
Unit E
Belgrade, MT 59714
CNC Machining
Stainless Steel 303
Stainless Steel 304
Steel 1018
Steel 4140
Steel A36
Copper C110
Copper C932 (Bronze)
Copper 101
Delrin (Acetal)
Aluminum 5052
Stainless Steel 316/316L
Aluminum 7050
Aluminum 6061-T6
Aluminum 2024
Aluminum 6063
Aluminum 7075-T6
Copper 260 (Brass)
Steel 4130
Aluminum 7075-T7351
Copper C360 (Brass)
Aluminum MIC-6
Steel 4140PH
Steel 4340