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Job ShopEstablished 19831-10 Employees
Tromtech is Florida's largest premium provider of wire and sinker electrical discharge machining (EDM). Creating microholes, slots, and shapes in surgical titanium, and building components for manned space flight are every day events at Tromtech. With this heavy involvement in the medical and aerospace fields, we know lives are at risk when our products are used. We also know the importance of deadlines, and with the largest sinker EDM capability in Florida, we provide consistent on-time deliveries at competitive prices. Phone: 954-941-6986 Fax: 954-941-7034 Where to Find Tromtech EDM'd Parts: The Mars Rover The Hubble Space Telescope The James Webb Space Telescope Atlas V Rockets SpaceX Rockets Military & Commercial Satellites F-16, F-18, F-35 Fighter Jet Engines Boeing 747s Powerplant Gas Turbines Major Theme Park Attractions Surgical Tools in Hospitals and Dental Offices Surgical Implants Currently In Hundreds of Thousands of People Tromtech currently partners with small to Fortune 500 sized manufacturers across the country to provide them with electrical discharge machining (EDM) services on their manufactured parts, and we would love to offer the same partnership to you. This partnership is both seamless and confidential; Tromtech will discreetly act as your company’s outsourced EDM department, and your company can promote wire & sinker EDM capability when advertising or bidding on jobs. Whether you are making titanium bone screws, surgical tools, aerospace engine parts, spacecraft components, die/molds, or any other part that requires EDM, our technicians and engineers have likely worked on something similar before. In terms of capacity, Tromtech is proudly Florida’s largest EDM job shop: we routinely handle multiple 10,000+ part orders for multiple medical manufacturing customers, all while maintaining a consistent, on-time delivery schedule for each and every one of them. If you are curious about a partnership with Tromtech, I would greatly appreciate you contacting us at (954) 941-6986 to discuss, or simply send your drawings or CAD files to or fax to (954) 941-7034 for a quick, no-obligation quote. The Tromtech team looks forward to working with you on your next EDM project.
1480 SW 3rd St, Unit C-5
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
EDM - Electrical Discharge Machining
Wire & Sinker/RAM/Plunge EDM (electrical discharge machining) job shop and services. Products include a variety of burr-free, small and fragile components including medical implantables and numerous orthopedic tools and prototypes for aircraft engine manufacturers. Low volume prototype quantities to high volume production available. Industries served include medical, dental, aircraft, aerospace, marine, metalworking and electronic. General aviation served through FAA approved repair facilities. Products to Military Spec. JIT available.
Spark Machining
Spark Eroding
Die Sinking
Wire Burning
Wire EDM