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Elevation Wheel Company
Job ShopEstablished 20171-10 Employees
We are a service focused bike shop that is expanding into producing our own tooling. We prioritize quick turn around and quality parts above all. Currently we are only able to offer 3d printing but are looking to expand capabilities with a CNC mill and lathe in the near future and will update the profile as that comes together. We do have CAD capabilities and are also able to help there as needed.
Elevation Wheel Company
720 West Monument Street
Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Mount for a calibration jig for bicycle powermeters.  This was later 3d printed in carbon fiber infused polycarbonate
3d printed production run of nipple shuffle boxes for bicycle wheel building
Simulating stress for a tool to remove a drive ring for bicycle hubs.  This is a modified design of the other image in our gallery after modifying it to be more suitable for metal 3d printing.
A tool we designed and had machined locally to remove drive rings from a specific hub.
3D Printing
We are set up to be able to print a large majority of available 3d filaments including some engineering grade filaments including polycarbonate and nylon. Our biggest printer can print up to 300x300x400mm.
Additive Manufacturing