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Production ShopEstablished 200626-50 Employees
MAKstride was started by Monty Moshier who first became interested in prosthetics at age 11, when his father lost his leg below the knee in a lumber milling accident. While Moshier was earning his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Purdue University, his father’s prosthetist asked for help with a new prosthetic foot he was developing, and Moshier’s path was set. He began consulting on prosthetic design and manufacturing and in 2006, he launched his own company, Makstride. (In addition to running Makstride, Moshier teaches aeronautical engineering and serves as chief technologist for a company that develops inspection systems to identify metal fatigue cracks.) At first, Makstride designed and manufactured feet for distribution by another company, but due to a need for expansion, Moshier formed a sister company, Makstride Prosthetics, to assume sales, development, and marketing functions for its own products. and forming MAKstride LLC, a machine shop and manufacturer, to make and produce the manufactured goods. After moving sales, development, and marketing functions to its sister company, Monty got to work with the machine shop side looking for contracts and fostering relationships with potential customers. As MAKstride grew, so did its level of expertise in the manufacture and handling of the various materials that its customers needed machined. With 12 years of experience MAKstride LLC, the machine shop is proficient in machining various types of materials ranging from titanium, aluminum, and steel down to various types of plastics and composites including carbon fiber. As a machine shop, MAKstride has had experience with machining medical parts, robotics parts, firearms components, specialized tooling, ornamentation, and oddities from various requests customers have made centered on manufacturing. MAKstride is aimed at the manufacture of high-precision parts and works at meeting market demand by putting quality first in all that it does. It is with a mindset focused on quality that MAKstride has obtained and maintained contracts from various high-profile companies. MAKstride is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Certified company.
8743 East Pecos Road
Suite 128
Mesa, AZ 85212

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Sheet Metal
CNC Machining
Makstride has a large focus on machining Titanium. Our sister company Makstride Prosthetics requires all of their metal pieces machined out of Titanium. We have over 15 years of machining titanium and during that time we have broadened our knowledge by taking on different materials for different customers.
Stainless Steel 303
Stainless Steel 304
Steel 1018
Steel 4140
Steel A36
Copper C110
Stainless Steel 420
Stainless Steel 15-5
Copper C932 (Bronze)
Stainless Steel 416
Copper 101
Stainless Steel 17-4
Aluminum 5052
Stainless Steel 316/316L
Aluminum 7050
Aluminum 6061-T6
Aluminum 2024
Aluminum 6063
Titanium Grade 5
Aluminum 7075-T6
Copper 260 (Brass)
Steel 4130
Aluminum 7075-T7351
Copper C360 (Brass)
Aluminum MIC-6
Stainless Steel 18-8
Titanium Grade 2
Stainless Steel 440C
Steel 4140PH
Steel 4340
Steel 1215
Finishing Capabilities
We do all of our media tumbling and bead blasting in-house. With our expertise, we are ready to help others with their finishing needs.
Bead Blast
Media Tumbling
3D Printing
Utilizing Formlabs 3L printers they have a large printing chamber and a wide variety of materials that can be switched and loaded as necessary for your printing needs.
Makstride is ISO 9001:2015 Certified as well as AS9100 Certified.
AS9100D Certified
SAM Registered
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
ISO 9001
Project Management/CAD design
Makstride has three engineers on staff.
Fixture Design
Additional Machining Capabilities
Makstride has two OMAX waterjets in-house. They are capable of cutting through up to 6-8 inches of Aluminium. Makstride utilizes them to rough cut many of the machining jobs to save on cost and reduce overall manufacturing time.