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Xometry Supplies Flex
Xometry Supplies Flex
Xometry Supplies Flex

Xometry Supplies Flex

As a Premium Supplier, you have access to Xometry’s Supplies Flex program, allowing you to stock your shop with all the raw materials you need for upcoming work with no out-of-pocket costs. Receive your materials now and pay us back in 3 equal installments in 90 days.

The Materials You Need. The Payment Terms You Want.


Connect With a Specialist

Schedule time with a Supplies Flex Specialist to create a custom material quote for your shop with a 90-day payment plan.


Create Your Materials List

Xometry offers competitively priced materials sourced from the nation's top vendors. Build and send your materials list to [email protected].


90-Day Payment Terms

Receive your materials now and avoid fluctuating material prices. Simply pay us back in 3 equal installments in 90 days. It's that easy!

Always Have the Materials You Need

Send us your list of raw materials and we'll build a quote and 90-day payment plan that works for your shop. Download our Supplies Flex Order Form and use it when submitting your quote to streamline the review and ordering process. Email your completed order form to [email protected].

  • Shop competitively priced materials
  • Avoid fluctuating materials pricing
  • All materials ship in 1-4 days
  • Pay us back in 3 equal installments over 90 days
Supplies Flex Order Form
Have a question?
What items are eligible for Supplies Flex?

All standard stock materials offered by Xometry Supplies, both through the website and via manual quoting, are eligible for Supplies Flex. We do not offer custom-cut material through Supplies Flex at this time.

What is my Supplies Flex credit limit?

We will determine your company's credit limit for the Supplies Flex program based on your overall business record with Xometry, among other factors. Schedule time with a Supplies Flex Specialist to learn more about what credit limit your shop will qualify for.

What if the material is damaged or becomes unusable (oxidizes, damaged/bent corners) while it is on my shop floor?

We do ask that you store your material in a safe, indoor location, to avoid this. If this happens we’ll work with you to determine what is recoverable and what isn’t. If blatant improper storage happens (outside or otherwise) we may have to charge you for that material that was damaged.

Why would Xometry offer this?

Xometry understands supply chain constraints are a leading issue for machine shops around the country, hurting their ability to grow effectively and efficiently. We have strong relationships with leading materials vendors and are happy to share those benefits with the machine shop community.

This sounds great, now what?

To get started, set up an appointment with our Supplies Flex Specialist to talk through your shop needs.