Acetal Copolymer Sheet

Acetal Copolymer Plastic Extruded Sheet is an easy to machine thermoplastic due to it’s stiffness enhanced durability and high strength. Acetal Extruded Sheet is ideal for working in wet conditions as it has low moisture absorption and can be heated or cooled without affecting the form or dimensions of the plastic due to it’s high heat resistance.

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6061-T6 Sheet/Plate

Max Length Max Width Max Thickness Cut Tolerances Country of Origin

Thickness < 1/4":     144"

Thickness >= 1/4":    144.5"  

Thickness < 1/4":     48"

Thickness >= 1/4":    60.5"    

3" - 0, + 1/8" US

Product is raw material and not meant for use as a finished or cosmetic surface, additional processing may be needed. Due to material handling and processing may have surface scratches. 

All measurements are in inches.



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