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Xometry POPay

Xometry POPay

Xometry’s new POPay service allows you to access cash on any PO to keep your business moving forward.

Submit Your PO Today

Simply send us any (yes, any!) PO you have, and we’ll advance you its entire value for a one-time fee.* It’s that easy!

How it Works

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Submit Your Purchase Order

Fill out the Purchase Order Submission Form above with your information and upload a copy of the PO.

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Get Your Advance

We’ll advance the value of the PO via ACH directly to the bank account linked to your Shop Finances account within 3 business days, minus the associated fee* (see FAQs below).

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We will send you a repayment reminder as your due date approaches. On that date, we will deduct the funds directly from your bank account via ACH.

Xometry’s new POPay service means we can help your cash flow needs on every job, even from your own customers. Don't sit around waiting for payments and cash to keep your business moving forward. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected].

*Subject to Terms and Conditions

Have a question?
What is my POPay limit?

As a member of the POPay pilot group, you are eligible for a PO advance up to an aggregate of $5,000. For example, if you are approved for an advance on a PO valued at $1,000, you may submit additional POs valued up to $4,000 for advance approval. Once a PO is repaid, that amount is added back into your available PO advance limit.

Which POs can I submit for an advance?

You can submit any PO — whether it’s for a job you’ve just taken, just shipped, or are in the middle of fabricating — and you will be advanced the full value of the PO minus the one-time fee up to your POPay limit as described above.

What is the fee structure for PO Pay?

Xometry’s POPay fee structure is as follows: 7% fee if the submitted PO has a term of 30 days, 8% fee if the PO term is 60 days, and a 9% fee if PO term is 90 days.

When is the payment due to Xometry for my PO Pay?

Payment to Xometry is due on the date of the submitted PO plus the term of the PO. For example, if you submit a PO for an advance on August 1 and the PO has a term of 30 days, full payment will be deducted via ACH from the bank account linked to your Shop Finances account on August 31.

How do I remit payment to Xometry?

Xometry will automatically deduct the payment for your POPay via ACH from the bank account linked to your Shop Finances account on the due date established.

Where can I go for more help?

Email any questions to [email protected].