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Supplier Xometry Competitor A Competitor B
Material Aluminum 6061-T6 Aluminum 6061-T6 Aluminum 6061-T6
Thickness x Width x Length (in) .25" x 12" x 36" .25" x 12" x 36" .25" x 12" x 36"
Quantity 5 5 5
Price per Piece $39.75 $69.28 $90.19
Material(s) Price $188.83 $346.40 $450.95
Shipping (Ground) $14.44 $94.59 $94.59
Total $203.27 $440.99 $545.54
Processing Time 12-24 hrs 12-24 hrs 24-48 hrs

Pricing based on website pricing available 03/27/2019. Subject to change, this comparison does not represent a guarantee of final pricing.

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