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Introducing Xometry Workspace

Introducing Xometry Workspace

Maximize your shop’s manufacturing productivity, resources, and capacity with Xometry Workspace, a cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System to manage and track your orders to deliver on-time, every time.

Why Xometry Workspace

Manufacturing is growing more competitive and complex, demanding faster turnaround time, lower-cost production, and stringent compliance to industry standards and regulations. Using real-time manufacturing data to drive business decisions is imperative to manage your production floor.

Real-time Visibility
Gain Real-time Visibility into Production

Replace paper and spreadsheets with a visual dashboard showing you how production is proceeding in real-time.

Identify Bottlenecks
Identify Errors and Bottlenecks

Get alerts as soon as errors occur, identify root causes quickly, and analyze production to find bottlenecks and optimize operations.

On-time Delivery
Prioritize Production For On-time Delivery

Use dashboards and rules to prioritize which orders and tasks to work on, immediately notifying and directing the production floor.

Activity-based Costing
Enable Activity-based Costing Decisions

Make crucial pricing, production, and investment decisions with an accurate picture of your shop’s total costs.


Simplify your production, streamline your capacity planning, prioritize jobs, and monitor production orders from one web-based platform tailored to your shop’s operations.

  • Maximize resource utilization with capacity planning
  • Monitor achievements and daily progress live from the shop floor
  • Automate order scheduling with custom logic
  • Communicate schedule updates immediately


Enforce process adherence with standard operating procedures and track all expected production events and unexpected incidents with full traceability.

  • Improve process adherence through data capture at every step
  • Get notified of errors on the shop floor
  • Handle production incidents systematically
  • Simplify auditing and root cause analysis


Optimize order execution, monitor production progress in real-time, and boost operator efficiency through an easy-to-use interface.

  • Real-time production monitoring
  • Maximize first-pass yields
  • Everything a machine operator needs in one place
  • Keep operators productive and prioritized

Simplify Your Production Planning With Xometry Workspace