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The Xometry Advance Card

Turbocharge your cash flow with the Xometry Advance Card. Get immediate access to 30%* of the value of your eligible Xometry jobs, enabling you to make crucial business purchases without hesitation.

Use it anywhere that Visa™ is accepted

Access 30% of your Xometry job’s value

A Card That Works With You

cash upfront

Upfront Funds

Get 30%* of the value of eligible Xometry jobs loaded onto your Xometry Advance Card for you to spend immediately.

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Try it Risk Free

The Xometry Advance Card can be used wherever Visa™ is accepted and has no fees, interest, bills, or impact on your credit.

$100 cash icon

$100 Spending Credit

Receive a $100 credit on your Xometry Advance Card when you spend $500 on eligible purchases in your first 60 days.*

Why Use the Xometry Advance Card?

Cash flow is one of the biggest issues that our Partner Network faces, but Xometry is here to help. Stop turning down high-value jobs. With 30%* of the value of eligible Xometry jobs immediately available to you on the Xometry Advance Card, you overcome high upfront costs for materials, supplies, and tooling. Have other business needs? No problem. You can use your Xometry Advance Card for any work-related expenses, anywhere that accepts Visa.

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How it Works

Get 30%* of the value of eligible jobs immediately available to you on the Xometry Advance Card to cover business-related expenses. If you don’t use all of the funds available on your card, they will simply be paid out according to your Shop Finances payout schedule.

Finally, A Card That Works With You | Introducing the New Xometry Advance Card
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Accept a Job

Accept a Xometry Job and immediately receive 30%* of the value of that job loaded onto Your Advance Card.

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Buy What You Need

Spend up to your advance amount on any manufacturing or business-related expenses wherever Visa is accepted.

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Get Paid

After you complete the job, the advance amount that has been spent will simply be deducted from a future payout.

*Subject to Terms and Conditions

Take Control of Your Cash Flow

Harnessing the Power of Zero-Fee Advances
By Team Xometry
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On-Demand Webinar: Demystifying the Xometry Advance Card
By William Krueger
Answering the Most Frequently Asked Questions About the Xometry Advance Card
By William Krueger
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What Our Partners Say

Sometimes I can’t accept jobs that are perfect for my shop because the upfront cost for materials is just too high. The Xometry Advance Card fixes that.
Ryan Warner
Sometimes our cash flow can be difficult to manage. Having the ability to instantly snag 30% upfront changes the game for us. This is a fantastic product!
Anthony Marshall
The Xometry Advance Card is AWESOME! This, along with FastPay, are a game changer for my shop!
Robert Santora
United Manufacturing Solutions, LLC.
How do I qualify for the Xometry Advance Card?

Currently, Xometry Advance is available for any manufacturing partner with the following criteria:

  • Your business operates in the US.
  • You are currently approved to take work from the Xometry Job Board.
  • You have migrated to Shop Finances, our new payment platform. 
Are there any fees?

There are currently no fees associated with your Xometry Advance Card.

Does this affect my credit in any way?

Using the card does not require a credit check and has no impact on your credit rating.  

Keep in mind, though, that should you spend funds from an advance and fail to satisfactorily complete the job, you do have to pay those funds back to Xometry. 

What if I don’t spend the full 30%? What happens to the leftover funds?

When you get paid out on Fridays, we automatically calculate the total of your completed jobs and deduct purchases from the total payout. You will always get paid for anything you don’t spend on your card.

Is there a limit to how much I can spend at any one time?

You can spend up to the allowable spend on your Advance Card, not to exceed $25,000 in any one day or in any one transaction.  Of course, an advance is calculated as 30% of the value of a job, with a limit on the advance of $7,500.  If you had multiple jobs pending at the same time, you might have allowable spend that could approach or even exceed $25,000, so the per-day and per-transaction limits could come into play then.

Additional FAQs are in Community

Have more questions? Go to our Partner Community to find more answers.

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Improve your cash flow with the Xometry Advance Card

*Subject to Terms and Conditions

**Terms and Conditions apply

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