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Shop Advantage Program®

Shop Advantage Program®

Helping you save time and money sourcing critical items for your business.

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Get Exclusive Offers From Industry-leading Brands

We’ve partnered with some of our industry’s best brands to provide our Manufacturing Supplier Network with exclusive offers on computer hardware, tooling, materials, and business services.

Our Shop Advantage Program include:

  • Multinational computer technology company, Dell
  • Business services and supplies company, Office Depot
  • Supply chain cost reduction company, Transportation Impact
  • Manufacturing financing partner, Manufacturers Capital, a division of Commercial Credit Group Inc.
  • Sustainable manufacturing specialists, Geared for Green
  • Car and truck rental service, Hertz

Our Shop Advantage Program is a free benefit for all Xometry Suppliers and is designed to save you time and money so you can focus on what you love—making high-quality parts.

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