Manufacturing on Demand

Turbocharge the way you order custom parts with our instant quoting engine. Get DFM feedback, lead times, and pricing in a matter of clicks, not days.

Instantly access production capacity on demand at over 1,000 manufacturers across 45 states.

Guaranteed quality parts at consistently low prices and fast lead times.

Trusted by engineers at 32% of the Fortune 100:

Capabilities Available

Upload Your 3D Models

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All uploads are secure and confidential. Contact us for assistance with large orders and existing Xometry quotes. 

Need to create or repair a 3D CAD file? Visit our partner ZVerse.

Injection Molding

Instant pricing, lead times, and feedback

Xometry’s easy-to-use software platform is revolutionizing manufacturing. Simply upload your 3D models and our platform provides instant feedback on pricing, lead times, and the best processes to make your custom parts. You can explore various materials and manufacturing processes and compare prices in real-time.

Dynamic network ensures low prices

Our proprietary sourcing algorithm ensures low cost and fast lead times by utilizing manufacturing capacity through our network of highly-vetted facilities, including ITAR qualified facilities, across the nation. Our extensive network provides a broad range of capabilities, including CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Injection Molding, Urethane Casting, and Sheet Metal Fabrication.


Guaranteed quality

Xometry delivers guaranteed high quality parts at low prices and competitive lead times. With high-precision industrial manufacturing, and a variety of available finishes on solid metal or plastic parts, Xometry guarantees your custom parts will be built to your specifications.

Manufacturing partners in Xometry’s nationwide network go through a vetting process to monitor quality and on-time delivery. For each order partner facilities provide updates while parts are in process and inspection reports upon completion. Once customers receive their order, they can provide direct feedback and rate the quality of their parts to ensure top rated vendors get priority access to future jobs.

    Getting your custom parts in hand

    At Xometry, our passion is delivering high quality custom parts to our customers. Once your parts arrive, your 3D models and order history are saved to your account where we make it easy to order your next batch. Whether your project is for an upcoming space launch or to create a new medical treatment to save lives, we are here to help our customers continue to drive innovation as efficiently as possible.

      Get an Instant Quote Download Our Guide

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