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Machine Learning for Manufacturing

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We Put Big Data to Work to Save You Time and Money

Our data scientists employ the latest neural net-based machine learning techniques to securely train our pricing and sourcing algorithms. Our machine learning algorithms utilize one of the largest data sets of custom part manufacturing jobs ever assembled. To date, the Xometry Instant Quoting Engine® has issued over 8 million job offers to our Manufacturing Supplier Network. And it gets smarter over time, which translates to better lead times and prices for our customers and growing business for our manufacturing suppliers.

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Computational Geometry

Computational geometry algorithms analyze uploaded 3D CAD files in order to accurately render design-for-manufacturability (DFM) feedback and assess the complexity of the parts. They are inspired by the way an expert machinist would understand a part's design and are a result of continuous collaboration between Xometry's expert machinists and computational geometry team. The computational geometry team distills that knowledge to its mathematical essence for maximum speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

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Machines Are People, Too

Xometry's data science and computational geometry teams are made up of people—really smart people. We have mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, and physicists with over 100 years of combined experience in those fields. They share one thing in common: a relentless passion for building the most frictionless platform to connect our customers and manufacturing suppliers.

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Compatible with STEP, SOLIDWORKS, Mesh, Parasolid, Autodesk Inventor, Dassault Systems, PTC, Siemens, ACIS, and DXF files

🔒 All uploads are secure and confidential.

  • .step, .stp
  • .sldprt
  • .stl
  • .x_t, .x_b
  • .dxf
  • .ipt
  • .3dxml, .catpart
  • .prt
  • .sat
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Intelligent Sourcing From A Global Network

Xometry is tapping into the power of deep learning to revolutionize how custom manufacturing gets done. We built a proprietary platform to enable engineers and product designers to instantly access the capacity of a global network of world-class manufacturing facilities and receive instant design-for-manufacturability feedback, lead times, and pricing on their custom manufacturing jobs.

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Don't Have a CAD File Handy?

How to Order Custom Parts with the Xometry Instant Quoting Engine®

Learn What Makes Xometry the Global Leader in Manufacturing on Demand

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Quality Assurance

W're ISO 9001:2015 certified, AS9100D certified, and ITAR Registered. Xometry stands behind the delivery and quality of your parts.

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Manufacturing Supplier Network

We have massive production capacity on demand. Tap into the power of our network.

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Applications Engineering Team

We provide expert design-for-manufacturing (DFM) help when you need it.

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Experience It for Yourself

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