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Xometry Enterprise

Xometry Enterprise

Xometry’s Enterprise program is a deep partnership that helps our largest customers usher in the future of manufacturing.

On-Demand Manufacturing from Prototyping to Production

There's no better way to optimize your supply chain or to support your full production lifecycle than to partner with Xometry and our network of over 10,000 global manufacturing partners. Whether you're validating a new prototype or preparing to shift into full production runs, you can rely on Xometry's scale and commitment to quality.

Supply Chain Optimization

The world is changing and we have spent time taking care of nearshoring, reshoring, and localizing manufacturing partnerships for you. Xometry can also support the consolidation of your tail spend and, with our massive network of manufacturing partners, we even can support urgent and small production runs. Learn more about our Supplier Network.

Full Production Lifecycle

Xometry is prepared to support your PLM framework no matter what form it takes. We're resourced to offer immediate, nearly limitless capacity whether you're running rapid prototyping or full-scale production runs. Enterprises from across industries have come to rely on that scale and availability as well as our flexibility and quality. Learn more about our quality assurance.

Instant Quotes

Get pricing, lead times, and design-for-manufacturing feedback in a matter of clicks, not days. The Xometry Instant Quoting Engine℠ puts data science to work so you can easily choose the optimal price and lead time option for your project. You can also integrate our instant quoting technology into your e-procurement system with Xometry Punchout (more on that below). Learn more about our instant quoting technology.

Put Our Digital Manufacturing Marketplace to Work

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With world-class testing capabilities and a long list of essential certifications, Xometry has justly earned a reputation for reliability. Explore case studies.

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With a network of over 10,000 global manufacturing partners are agile and can offer near limitless capacity across a broad array of capabilities.

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Xometry brings big ideas to life with our open market of suppliers, AI-powered instant quotes, e-procurement integrations, and white glove support service.

Premium Account and Customer Service

With Xometry Enterprise, your team will enjoy priority service with a dedicated team of engineers and specialists.

Meet your dedicated sales rep to learn more.

  • Dedicated Support Representatives
  • Engineering Supervisors and Account Managers
  • Quality Assurance and DFM Specialists
  • Dedicated Enterprise Support Phone #
  • Prioritized Email Queue Support
Custom made metal parts

E-Procurement Integrations with Punchout

With Xometry Punchout, engineers and buyers on your team can quote and purchase parts directly within your company’s e-procurement system. Automate PO creation as well as the approval and invoicing processes, ensuring data security, and lowering procurement costs across the board.

Learn more about Xometry PunchOut

  • Save Time: Expedite your rate of innovation by reducing time cycles
  • Save Money: Lower procurement costs by spending less hrs managing orders
  • Ensure Precision: Order and data accuracy with pre-populated fields
  • Streamline Flow: Order parts from directly within your own purchasing system
  • Automate Invoices: Automatically send invoices from within your e-procurement system
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Certifications and Security

All of Xometry’s partners selected for our Enterprise customers are thoroughly vetted through Xometry’s Partner Onboarding Program. Xometry’s partner certifications include:

  • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485 & AS9100D
  • ITAR, FAR, and DFAR Compliance
  • Material / Mill Test Reports / NADCAP Finish Certifications
  • RoHS / REACH / Prop 65 Statements
  • Sustainability / Environmental Standards
  • Traceability Certs | Hardware - Material - Finish - Components
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Deep Analytics and Custom Reporting

Xometry will build your team’s own custom reporting dashboard, visualizing data to keep track of the metrics your team cares about. Meet your dedicated sales rep to explore our analytics capabilities.

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    Thorough and Accessible Enterprise Training Sessions

    Xometry’s Enterprise platform is easy to navigate, but our team is always on-call to help you get adjusted to it every step of the way. We’re here to help your team with...

    • Onboarding current and new colleagues
    • Learning the fundamentals and intricate details of the platform
    • Any questions that might pop up along the way
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