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Xometry Enterprise Solutions

Speed up your time to market, manage risk, and drive down costs with the power of Xometry’s global network. Leverage one supplier to access over 10,000 suppliers with diverse manufacturing capabilities.

Gain Instant Access to a Global Custom Manufacturing Supply Chain

Access massive global and domestic manufacturing capacity, mitigate supply chain risks with reshoring and outsourcing solutions, and consolidate custom manufacturing suppliers with our agile global supply network.

Optimize Your Tail Spend

Consolidate your custom parts spending with Xometry and receive cost and resource benefits. Leverage the breadth of Xometry’s network and save time onboarding and managing manufacturing suppliers.

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Trust Xometry’s Full Production Lifecycle Solutions

From New Product Introduction (NPI) to Pilot Runs to Production, Xometry’s massive network of partners and industry experts can handle your manufacturing needs throughout every stage of product development. Take advantage of our

  • Vetted Supplier Network
  • Tight-tolerance Capabilities
  • In-House Production Expertise
  • Dedicated Program Management
  • Multi-Year Program Agreements
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Reinvent Your Supply Chain

Our experts work with you to strengthen your manufacturing supply chain via Xometry’s network, helping you to build an agile, cost-effective solution in an ever-changing environment.

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Industries We Serve

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Aerospace & Defense
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Robotics & Automation
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Electronics & Semiconductors

High-Volume Production Solutions

From a single part to millions, we have the capacity to take on jobs of any size. We serve over 52,000 customers from the world’s leading companies, helping them bring fully realized products to market.

Introducing Teamspace

Teamspace is a workspace within your company’s Xometry account that enables you to easily collaborate with other users on projects and custom part orders. It is your key to a unified Xometry experience, giving members of your team quick and easy access to quotes, order placement, part statuses, tracking information, and more.

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