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Job Opportunities Tailored to Your Shop

Job Opportunities Tailored to Your Shop

Xometry is your always-on sales and marketing team, matching your shop’s capabilities to production runs of all sizes.

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Expand Your Customer Base While Driving Improvements Across Your Business

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Expand and Diversify

Receive real job opportunities tailored to your shop from a diverse range of customers and industries.

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Save Time

Let our tech do the heavy lifting so you can spend less time quoting and more time machining.

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Optimize Your Cash Flow

Get paid in 30 days guaranteed with zero-fee advances and early payout options available on every job.

We love being able to see the pricing and lead times to quickly know whether a job will be a good fit for our shop or not. It cuts out a lot of the back and forth in taking work, which takes up a lot of time
Chau Nguyen

The Xometry Partner Experience

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Get Approved and Take Work

After a brief qualification process, we’ll send you real job opportunities to your Job Board based on your shop’s capabilities. If the work is right for you, take it!

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Get Paid

Stop chasing receivables. Our Xometry Advance Card provides you with upfront funds when you accept work and FastPay turns our traditional net-30 payouts into net-3, helping you cover business expenses to keep your shop running smoothly.

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Learn More About Being a Xometry Supplier

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4 Reasons to be a Xometry Manufacturing Partner

By Team Xometry
  5 min read
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