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Workcenter: Your All-In-One Manufacturing Solution

Workcenter is a full suite of offerings across the quote-to-cash process, enabling manufacturers to source and consolidate work, manage operations, monitor performance, secure cash flow, and buy materials all in one secure platform. 

Manage Your Shop

Manage Your Shop

Add team members, assign tasks, track job status, and more, all within one easy-to-use platform.

Centralize Your Work

Centralize Your Work

Take jobs from Xometry, receive proposals from Thomas, and increase efficiency to take more work from your own customers.

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Secure Your Cash flow

Get fast access to the cash you need to make payroll, pay suppliers, buy materials, or grow your business.

Track Xometry Jobs

  • View and manage your Xometry work
  • Provide updates to your Xometry Work
Xometry Job Board

Manage In-House Work

  • Provide updates to your client work
  • Assign tasks to team members
Workcenter Job Management

Review Projects From

  • Vet and quote new opportunities from active buyers
  • View and manage your Projects
Workcenter Projects

Increase Your Cash Flow

  • Guaranteed net-30 payments
  • Accelerated payout options available 
Workcenter Shop Finances

Grow Your Shop with Workcenter

Workcenter | A Full Suite of Tools for Manufacturers Across the Quote-to-cash Process