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Financial Services

Optimize Your Cash Flow With Xometry’s Financial Solutions

As a Xometry Partner, you have access to a suite of tools that give you the financial stability and flexibility you need to grow your business.

Cash Flow Benefits at Every Step in the Manufacturing Process

Secure a Job

Take a pre-qualified job from the Job Board and immediately get 50% of the funds on your Advance Card with no fees, interest, or credit checks.

Get Paid Sooner

Turn Xometry's standard net-30 payouts into net-3 with FastPay and get paid early on every completed job.

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Enhance Your Workflow

Xometry's financial solutions facilitate faster payments, empowering you to expand your projects and invest in materials, creating an efficient shop cycle.

Your Tools to Better Cash Flow

Manufacturing is hard work. Getting paid shouldn’t be. Xometry’s flexible financial solutions are built specifically for machine shops and manufacturers, making it fast and easy to get paid for your work so you can overcome the high upfront costs for materials and tooling, and move on to your next job without delay.

Gerald Vanpelt
Gerald - Vanpelt Precision

"Xometry pays money quickly and gives me access to funds upfront for everything I need to complete the job on time."

Jesse Casto
Jesse Casto - BetterCNC

“Xometry makes it easy to set and reach financial goals, helping me expand my shop and grow my business.”

Robert Santora
Robert Santora - United MFG

“Xometry gives me 50% upfront on every job and always pays me net-30. This is a machine shop’s dream!”

Advance Card

Receive 50% of a job’s payout immediately upon accepting it with no fees, bills, credit checks, or impact on your credit rating.

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  • This is not a credit card and has no fees, bills, credit checks, or impact on your credit rating
  • The Xometry Advance Card can be used wherever Visa™ is accepted
  • Link Advance Card transactions to specific Xometry Jobs giving you more control over your payouts
  • Any unused funds will be paid out when the job is completed
Xometry Advance Card


Turn Xometry's standard net-30 payouts into net-3 with FastPay and get paid early on every completed job.

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  • Take control of when you get paid
  • Payment appears in your bank account within 1-3 days, but usually just 1
  • Simple and variable fee structure based on when your original payout is due

Take Control of Your Cash Flow

xometry advance card

Harnessing the Power of Zero-Fee Advances

By Team Xometry
  3 min read
Know about the CARES Act
Xometry partners using the advance card
Xometry Advance Card

Get Started With Xometry's Financial Tools and Solutions

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Find answers to all of your questions along with in-depth guides on getting started with Xometry in our comprehensive Knowledge Base.

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We have a team of skilled machinists and project managers standing by to answer questions and help you with complex manufacturing challenges.

*The maximum advance amount is 50% of a job's value up to $7,500.