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Expand and Diversify
Expand beyond your local market and diversify your customer base by taking jobs from different industries with our always-on sales and marketing.
Save Time
Spend less time on RFQs and client management - our A.I. quotes instantly using market data and our engineering team handles case management.
Improve Cash Flow
Stop chasing receivables and save money on supplies - we pay directly 2x a month and our no-cost Shop Advantage Programs provides you access to pre-negotiated deals.

Revitalizing American manufacturing

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“Joining the Xometry Partner Network has been great for my business.

With the amount of work I see posted, I decided to add a new machine and Xometry even served as a trade reference for my loan application.
They truly are partners in my mind.”

Drew Buck, Buck's CNC

“With Xometry, I make parts for customers outside of my local area that I would never have the time or resources to find.

Xometry brings the work to us and we now deliver parts to customers all over the country.”

Wally & Scott Espiritu, M&E Machine

“We love being able to see the pricing and lead times to quickly know whether a job will be a good fit for our shop or not.

It cuts out a lot of the back and forth in taking work, which takes up a lot of time.”

Chau Nguyen, PT&R

Featured Case Study: Zero Hour Parts

The first manufacturing partner to reach $1 million in Xometry revenue

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We're here to help with your Xometry jobs!

We're here to help with your Xometry jobs!

We know that your success is our success. We encourage you to contact us if you need help on Xometry-related work, and to do so early so that we have time to work together on solving problems and ensuring great quality and on time delivery.

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