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Injection molding parts with pass thru coring

Video: 3 Essential Injection Molding Principles

In this Quick Tips video, Xometry Greg goes over the 3 essential design principles of injection molding.

Serena Ngoh - Xometry Contributor
By Serena Ngoh
5 Ways to Improve Your Facility Management Operations
May 18, 2022
 4 min read

Xometry Greg, or Greg Paulsen, the Director of Application Engineering at Xometry, shares 3 essential injection molding principles in this video. From the first to 5,000th part, your design is off to a great start if you heed these 3 design-for-manufacturability tips, also known as the injection molding trinity: drafts, undercuts, and uniformity.

Whether you're just getting started with molding or need a quick refresher, this video will help ensure your injection molding design is has the basic optimizations for efficient and cost-effective manufacturing.

Serena Ngoh - Xometry Contributor
Serena Ngoh
I write about Xometry and all things manufacturing. You might also see me hosting webinars, designing infographics, producing videos, and working directly with customers to tell their manufacturing success stories.