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Resources3D Printing DesignInfographic: Production 3D Printing (Nexa3D LSPc vs. Carbon DLS)

Infographic: Production 3D Printing (Nexa3D LSPc vs. Carbon DLS)

Our Nexa3D LSPc 3D printing process is a great option for low-volume plastic production orders. See how it compares to another additive low-volume production option, Carbon DLS.

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Nexa3D's Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc®) technology provides extremely fast and accurate 3D printing in a range of end-use materials. Combined with our Carbon DLS™ offering, customers have multiple options for their low-volume production needs. These technologies can be a viable alternative to injection molding and urethane casting.

This venn-diagram demonstrates the distinct advantages and similarities of these two production photopolymer printing processes.

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