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Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) 3D Printing Service

Metal 3D Printed Prototype and Production Parts in 3-5 Days
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Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)
Applications and Benefits
About DMLS
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High Quality Metal Parts Without Tooling

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is a metal 3D printing technology that builds prototype and production metal parts from a CAD file using a laser to selectively fuse a fine metal powder in stainless steel, aluminum, and other high-performance alloys. DMLS is capable of producing highly complex features and all-in-one assemblies using metal materials that would be difficult to achieve through traditional manufacturing processes. DMLS is often used as a substitution for metal casting. DMLS enables companies to bring products to market they never thought possible with real metal parts and no upfront tooling costs.

DMLS aluminum sample part

Direct Metal 3D Printing Materials

DMLS Materials Available at Xometry:
Material NameDescription
3D Printed Aluminum AlSi10MgLightweight aluminum alloy. A great alternative to machining complex geometries.
3D Printed Stainless Steel 17-4Fully-Dense 17-4 PH stainless steel metal, hardness 40 HRC, heat treatable.
3D Printed Stainless Steel 316/LFully-dense 316L stainless steel metal, superb corrosion resistance, meets requirements of ASTM F138.
3D Printed Maraging Steel MS1A heat-treatable tool steel that can be post-hardened to more than 50 HRC to achieve excellent hardness and strength.
3D Printed Inconel 625A heat and corrosion-resistant nickel alloy offering high oxidation resistance.
3D Printed Inconel 718A heat and corrosion-resistant nickel alloy ideal for high-temperature applications. It offers good tensile, fatigue, creep, and rupture strength at temperatures up to 700 °C (1290 °F).
3D Printed Titanium Ti64A lightweight alloy with excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance used in high performing engineering applications as well as biomedical devices.

Additional materials are available upon request! Review more information about our materials here.

Available Finishes

In addition to the removal of support structures, the part surface is media blasted to provide a uniform finish.


Additional DMLS post-processing, such as CNC Machining of features and polishing, are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and can be requested in the quoting tool.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering DMLS 3D printing services

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Applications for DMLS Technology

Rapid tooling

Rapid Tooling

Because DMLS printers can print in metal, they are widely used for rapid tooling, fixtures, and jigs.

Fast parts and fast shipping

Rapid Prototyping

DMLS metal 3D printing is often used to make proof of concept models and fully functional late-stage prototypes.

Digital manufacturing

Direct Digital Manufacturing

Cast-quality finish and durable materials have made DMLS printing a favorite technology for end-use products.

Advantages of Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

Metal 3D printing DMLS complex part out of aluminum alloy
Complex Geometry
Metal 3D printing DMLS complex part out of aluminum alloy

DMLS produces parts that cannot be made using traditional manufacturing techniques.

Gear made using DMLS printing

DMLS utilizes powdered metals with strong mechanical and dynamic properties, making it perfect for end-use parts.

3D printed aluminum DMLS metal parts with all in one feature.

DMLS defies traditional Design-For-Manufacturing guidelines, so designs that would typically be made in assemblies can be made in a single piece.

Rapid Turnaround
Metal 3D printing stainless steel DMLS propeller impeller

Metal 3D printed parts do not require tooling which reduces the manufacturing lead time from weeks to days, allowing for faster innovation and speed to market.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering General Tolerances

Build Area9.5” × 9.5” × 12.5” (9" x 9" x 7" is the recommended useable area)
Layer Height.0012” - .0016" depending on material
General Tolerances+/- 0.005” for the first inch is typical, plus +/- 0.002” for every inch thereafter
Surface Roughness150-400 µin Ra, depending on build orientation and material used for the build

This table depicts the general tolerances with direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) metal 3D printing. Stresses during the build, support strategy, and other geometry considerations may cause deviation in tolerances and flatness. Part designs with thicker geometries, flat or broad parts, and parts with uneven wall thicknesses may be prone to significant deviations or warp. Improved tolerances may be possible with a manual quote review, after successful completion of a prototype build, and must be approved on a case-by-case basis.

An Overview of Direct Metal Laser Sintering

The Basics Of Direct Metal Laser Sintering

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is an additive 3D metal printing technology that builds prototype and production metal parts from a CAD file, producing complex geometries without the need for tooling. DMLS uses a laser to selectively fuse a fine metal powder in either stainless steel or aluminum materials. Many consider it a subset of the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process typically used to 3D print plastic materials like nylon.

How Direct Metal Laser Sintering Works

A Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) 3D printing machine is capable of producing highly complex features and all-in-one assemblies using metal materials that would be hard to achieve with more traditional subtractive manufacturing techniques such as CNC milling or turning.

DMLS uses a high power laser to melt and fuse fine metallic powders together based on a 3D CAD design file. The typical DMLS process begins by slicing the 3D design CAD file data into extremely thin layers, effectively generating a 2D file for each layer. This is similar to other 3D printing technologies such as SLS and SLA. The machine then coats a layer of fine metal powder onto a build or substrate plate, and a high-intensity laser traces the design according to each layer, heating and fusing the powders together to make a fully dense part. This process repeats layer by layer until the entire part is printed.

Direct metal laser sintering DMLS 3D printing services

Why Use DMLS For Your Parts?

Direct Metal Laser Sintering is a groundbreaking metal 3D printing technology. It can rapidly create metal parts that are more complex and dense than subtractive manufacturing techniques can achieve. DMLS is able to support internal design features that cannot be created by other machining processes, allowing for greater design innovation. Additionally, where traditional techniques would require several parts to be made and assembled, DMLS is able to create the parts all at once. This strengthens the finished part overall, while reducing the weight and cost of production significantly. DMLS techniques can also create parts at a high density that other manufacturing processes are unable to match. This makes it ideal for parts which will be under high pressure, such as in oil and gas industries.

Benefits Of Direct Metal Laser Sintering

Our Manufacturing Partner Network gives you massive production capacity on demand with a wide range of DMLS machines and materials. Our quick turn DMLS printing service typically offers build volumes up to 250 x 250 x 325 mm, but we may be able to accommodate larger part volumes upon request in the quote — see our Manufacturing Standards for more details.

    3D printed metal lattice structures in DMLS stainless steel

    Why Choose Xometry for DMLS 3D Printing?

    Massive Network Capacity

    Endless Options

    Choose from millions of possible combinations of materials, finishes, tolerances, markings, and certifications for your order.

    Instant Quoting Engine

    Easy to Use

    Get your parts delivered right to your door without the hassle of sourcing, project management, logistics, or shipping.

    Guaranteed Quality

    Vetted Network

    Only the top 6% of shops that apply to become Partners make it through our multi-tiered qualification process, so you can be confident your part will be made right.

    Download our DMLS design guide today!

    Download the DMLS design guide

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