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ITAR Injection Molding

High-quality injection molded ITAR parts | $500 off your first mold

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ITAR injection moldingITAR injection molding
Why Work with Xometry for ITAR Injection Molding
Applications and Benefits

ITAR Injection Molding With Xometry

Xometry offers molding solutions for engineers working with the military or with defense contractors. We connect customers to high-quality molding companies for prototype or end-use plastic parts covered under the United States Munitions List (USML) and registered with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). 

Xometry is recognized by the US Department of the State as an ITAR-registered Manufacturer and proven experience doing complex custom injection molding for customers in the defense Industry.

Xometry—and all ITAR registered molding shops— follow guidelines to ensure that:

  • All personnel and subcontractors are aware of and observe the stipulations of the molder’s ITAR certification
  • Undergo thorough internal and external audits to ensure maintenance of ITAR compliance
  • Vet the origins and production of all components designed, developed, configured, adapted, or modified for military applications controlled under the USML
  • Verify that intellectual property rights of sensitive military information and technologies are being protected

Xometry's ITAR Injection Molding Services

injection molded sample parts

Injection Molding Service

Get custom plastic molded prototypes and production parts in as few as 10 business days. We provide expert engineering reviews and $500 off your first mold.

Injection Molding Service
Overmolding part

Overmolding Service

High Quality Process for Pilot Runs, Low-Volume Production, and Bridge Tooling

Overmolding Service
Insert Molding

Insert Molding Service

Make Strong, Functional Prototypes and Production Parts With Insert Molding

Insert Molding Service
Injection Molding Finishes Available
Standard Finish

Moldmaker's choice of finish. Typically SPI B-3 to D-3 depending on geometry and drafts. Interior, non-cosmetic faces, are typically as-machined.

MoldTech Finishes

Range of finishes including matte, swirls, lines, and patterns. Finishes include: MoldTech - MT11010 MoldTech - MT11020 MoldTech - MT11030 MoldTech - MT112XX MoldTech - MT114XX MoldTech - MT116XX

SPI Finishes

Range of finishes from Grade 3 diamond / high polish to 320 stone low polish. Finishes include: SPI A-1 SPI A-2 SPI A-3 SPI B-1 SPI B-2 SPI B-3 SPI C-1 SPI C-2 SPI C-3 SPI D-1

As Molded

No secondary polishing or grinding. Part will show tooling marks.

Other Mold Texturing

Xometry can match other mold textures upon request.

Injection molding services ITAR

Ready to get started on your ITAR injection molding quote?

Xometry's ITAR Injection Molding Services Include:

  • Single, multi-cavity, and family mold options
  • Press availability from 50 to 1,100+ tons
  • Part inspection, including FAI and PPAP options
  • Free online file upload and quote submission
  • Quotes with design for manufacturing (DFM) feedback within 24 hours
  • Large domestic partner network and international options
  • Insert molding and overmolding
medical industry device injection molded housing

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