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Customer Testimonials

At Xometry, our mission is to make manufacturing easier for our clients. From prototyping, to production runs, to mechanical assemblies, we have developed proprietary technology making production faster and more efficient. The result is lower prices and shortened lead times.

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Xometry's machinists have old world knowledge. The fact that there’s a service to connect me to these people is fantastic.
Will Bales,
Lead Design Engineer of Hypershock Battlebots Team
Most shops put small project folks at a disadvantage because they will only take an order if the customer wants a large number of the same part. The great thing about Xometry is that one or a thousand of a part can be ordered at a reasonable price with no problem for the end user.
Brooks Marshall
Product Development Consultant
Xometry is consistently on the cutting edge of technological advancements. I am always searching for leaders who advance manufacturing lead times, cost, and quality with the latest technologies. Xometry is at the forefront.
Troy Lane,
Mechanical Engineer at CMM Dynamics, Inc.
Xometry has really been key for my efforts so far, for 3D printing and now CNC, and has really enabled me to rapidly develop and prototype systems. Xometry's support and services have been fantastic, and I have been very impressed with the quality and turn-around for parts. I have many more parts in the works, and I look forward to continuing to send them to Xometry!
Michael Bretti
Founder and Lead Engineer at Applied Ion Systems
Xometry delivers ease and professionalism. They take care of fulfillment so I don't need to juggle or manage suppliers. We buy the quote, and Xometry takes care of the rest.
Ryan Lambert
Tooling Design Engineer at BMW
Your software and quoting system are phenomenal. When it automatically gives you the quote and offers intelligent design feedback, you’re seeing a solution in real-time.
Dr. Thomas Bensky
Professor at California Polytechnic State University
Xometry has always given us exactly what we needed. We’ve received parts with holes in the right places, with the right finish, and on time. Even having a user-friendly website, with options laid out in a logical way, translates to a faster turnaround time for us.
Jackson Siu
Mechanical Engineer at Asylon
The time the Xometry sales reps and engineers took to sit down with us and go through our parts in detail was invaluable. Other manufacturers would have made great parts but would have manufactured exactly what we had on the page.
Evan Weinstein
Founder of Cocoa Press
If I suddenly needed 3,000 of these [custom switches], I’d have to go to Xometry and order 3,000. You’re the only people I would go to for that.
Weston Miller
Mechanical Engineer at Melton Machine & Control Company
We’re so enamored by the work that Xometry has done for us. You all have completely exceeded our expectations. We’re very happy to have chosen Xometry.
Mitchell Martinez
Former Chief Engineer of UC Irvine Rocket Team
Xometry got us out of a tight place by being there and being able to manufacture that part exactly how we wanted it, in very little time. It was a very streamlined experience; it was very smooth and fast.
Ayrton Kessel
Operations Team Lead at PENN Electric Racing
Xometry's modern design and updated web integration is an indication that the company is thinking about the customer. Xometry is investing in technology to make customers’ lives easier and to make the process faster.
Keith Shetler
Founder of Earlyhuman, LLC
Xometry has truly become my go-to manufacturing partner. Their online quoting platform is extremely easy to use, and I particularly like that I can upload engineering drawings to call out specific geometric tolerances or part attributes. They are always very quick to respond to new orders or requests.
Paul B
Medical Device Industry
I had the parts manufactured and delivered by Xometry before I was able to even receive a quote for the same parts from a local machine shop.
Matthew J. Bandalt
Assistant Professor at Materials and Structures Laboratory at New Jersey Institute of Technology
I just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude for the exceptional job you guys performed for us on the spin fixture part. It looks top-notch. I was able to show off the part to a few of our engineers here and they were thoroughly impressed.
Engineering Technician
Many thanks to the Xometry team for working with us on this effort. Parts arrived and looks very nice. Hope to do more business in the future.
Measuring Instrument Manufacturer
Working with Brian and Joe at Xometry has been rewarding. Both are very eager to please. I appreciate how they're handling my projects. Your prices are competitive and the quality is very good too. I look forward to building a long relationship with Xometry.
Medical Device Company
It's been a pleasure working with Xometry. Working with Joe has been great. He is very responsive and easy to work with. I've been very pleased with Xometry's pricing, delivery and most of all, quality of work.
Medical Device Manufacturer
The parts we ordered worked perfectly for our investigation on an engineering change for a vehicle. I would like to thank the Xometry team for their support and quick turnaround.
Automobile Part Manufacturer

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