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New Process Available!

Start quoting today in Artisanal Whittling with many available materials, including Random Twig and Fallen Branch, through April 1st!

Xomety X
By Team Xometry
October 8, 2020
Case Study: Working with Xometry Helps 557 Form Keep All its Parts in Motion
June 7, 2024
 6 min read

Xometry has added 7 new exciting materials, including these three groundbreaking options*:

Random Twig

Xometry Image

Marshmallows not included

The random twig is nature's wooden snowflake. No one twig is the same as another. Xometry upcycles twigs from only the healthiest trees and bushes, guaranteeing optimal strength-to-weight ratio. Random twigs are perfect for end-use parts, including marshmallow skewers as part of the S'more assembly process.

Fallen Branches

Xometry Image

Bespoke Fallen Branches

Branches are one of the best available materials on the artisanal whittling market. They are like random twigs, only bigger. Our team of Fallen Branch Experts will tirelessly search fields and forests across the U.S. to find the perfect organic branches that fall after storms. And they are nearly always free. Rest-assured, that cost savings will be passed on to you!

Xometry Image

Round Logs

Our logs are cut and transported by our nationwide network of well-groomed lumberjacks. The lumberjacks hand-pick the organically-grown trees that will make the best logs, looking specifically for roundness and the number of rings. Our craftsmen love using this material on their hand-cranked lathes, and logs can handle complex geometry given their large build volumes.

*NOTE: All materials heat resistant up to 451 degrees Fahrenheit.

Xomety X
Team Xometry
This article was written by various Xometry contributors. Xometry is a leading resource on manufacturing with CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, 3D printing, injection molding, urethane casting, and more.

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