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Complete Guide to Engineering Career Development

Curious about exploring a career as an engineer, or are you an experienced engineer looking to propel your career to the next level? Learn more by exploring this eBook!

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Engineering is one of the hottest fields today, but it’s changing rapidly so it’s important to stay on top of the trends and focus on professional development no matter what career stage you’re in. This guide breaks down engineering roles, provides salary expectations, and uncovers whether a Professional Engineer license is worth it. You’ll gain insight into crafting your elevator pitch, differentiating yourself in today’s engineering market, and the 5 soft skills that will boost your career.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Explore Your Engineering Career Path

1. Types of Engineers and Their Roles

2. 9 Steps to Finding the Engineering Job of Your Dreams

3. Pitch Yourself to Potential Employers: Elevator Pitch Examples for Mid-career Engineers and Students

4. How to Differentiate Yourself in Today’s Engineering Job Market 

5. Salary Expectations for Engineers

Part 2: Build Your Skill Set

6. Is a Professional Engineer License Worth It?

7. 5 Vital Soft Skills for a Successful Career in Engineering

8. How to Learn New Professional Skills

Part 3: Grow Your Career

9. 4 Tips for Career Success as a Recent Engineering Graduate 

10. How to Tell It’s Time to Move on from Your Current Role — Even if You Still Like It

11. Engineering Jobs of the Future 

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