Instant Quoting for SOLIDWORKS 3DExperience Marketplace

Seamless Instant Quoting

Direct integration with our Machine Learning-trained Xometry Instant Quoting℠ Engine enables you to weigh the cost impact of design decisions by instantly pricing your parts in one integrated CAD workspace.

In-app Design Feedback

Xometry's CAD add-in displays design for manufacturing (DFM) feedback directly in the CAD environment, saving you valuable time in design optimization. Iterate based on realtime feedback in your favorite workspace.

Order From Add-in

Order designs through Xometry in a wide range of manufacturing processes from 3D printing to CNC, and from sheet metal, urethane casting, to injection molding from within the add-in.

“Whether we are CNC machining, 3D printing, bending sheet metal, making urethane castings, or using other manufacturing methods, the Xometry add-in to SOLIDWORKS gives us access to the cost and manufacturability information that we need to develop automation systems efficiently and cost-effectively.”
—J.R. Everett, Industrial Engineer

Capabilities for all of your custom manufacturing applications from prototype to production