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High Volume Production Manufacturing

Xometry is a production powerhouse with a global network capacity of 10,000+ facilities. We’re ready to take on jobs of any size, from a single part to millions, for CNC machining, die casting, metal stamping, plastic injection molding, and additive manufacturing (3D printing).

  • Trusted by Over 70% of Product-Based Fortune 500 Companies
  • ISO 9001:2015, AS9100, ISO 13485:2016 Certified
  • Quality Management System: PPAP, APQP, Custom
  • BPO, Smart Batching, or Arranged Shipments
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • In-House Engineering and Quality Control
How Xometry Works
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How Xometry Works

Xometry's AI-powered platform makes bringing your big ideas into production easy through its Instant Quoting Engine® or secure project upload tool for production quotes. Xometry connects buyers and suppliers with interactive quoting, order tracking, and ease of reordering. This makes Xometry an asset for procurement and supply chain professionals.

Production ordered through Xometry is matched with vetted suppliers for fulfillment. Xometry's in-house engineering and project management staff ensures quality, delivery, and proactively manages your supply chain.

  • Secure and Fast Quotes
  • Digital Parts Library for Reordering
  • No Minimums
  • No Fees or Subscriptions
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Largest Production Network At Your Fingertips

Our strength lies in our ability to allocate orders according to the capabilities and availability of our extensive network of suppliers. We ensure cost competitiveness, quality of manufacturing, and quality of service.

Xometry serves over 35,000 customers globally, including over 70% of product-based companies from the Fortune 500 and supply chain leaders at organizations including BMW, Bosch, Dell, and GE.

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    Why Choose Xometry for High-Volume Production?

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    Economies of scale

    Get cheaper pricing per part at higher quantities. Framework agreements for a specific price and quantity.

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    Account management

    The account management team and the in-house engineering team manage orders and optimize processes, materials, designs, and costs.


    Production and delivery of samples can represent a crucial part of your serial production order.

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    Parallel production

    If you have urgent high-volume projects, Xometry’s production network offers simultaneous production at several sites to meet challenging deadlines.

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    Endless Options

    60 different materials for hundreds of combinations of finishes, tolerances, and markings. We also offer material certifications, inspections, and measurement reports.

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    Vetted Network

    All our production partners pass a strict quality test before working with us. As a result, only the best suppliers that apply make it through our qualification process.

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    In-house quality control

    Strict in-house QC to ensure your parts are flawless. Our processes are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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    Easy to Use

    Get quick answers from our experts and production launches within a few days. Parts are delivered without the hassle of sourcing, project management, or logistics.

    Materials and Technologies Used for High-Volume Manufacturing

    High-volume manufacturing encompasses a range of advanced materials and technologies. To keep up with the demand of modern markets, it is necessary to integrate cutting-edge automation technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence to improve productivity, without compromising precision and quality. These technologies, (when integrated into CNC machining and injection molding, for example) significantly improve production volume while also reducing the cost per part. 

    High-Volume Manufacturing Processes

    To successfully execute a high-volume manufacturing project, it is necessary to follow a tried and tested procedure. At Xometry, our high-volume manufacturing process typically begins with a detailed project assessment to understand what type of product you are manufacturing. Next, we evaluate your design and provide optimization suggestions in order to ensure production feasibility. Prototyping services are available to help you perform tests before committing to mass production. Once production starts, our quality assurance methods mean that your parts will meet the highest standards.

    High-Volume Manufacturing Industries


    The automotive industry is almost exclusively the domain of high-volume production, and we are able to assist large automotive manufacturers, aftermarket suppliers, or new innovative entrants into the market. Our production facilities are able to meet the relevant automotive standards. 


    The aerospace industry demands the highest levels of quality and precision. Our network of manufacturers are all vetted to ensure they comply with relevant aerospace quality standards. 

    Consumer Electronics

    The consumer electronics industry is in constant flux as new products are introduced at a blistering pace. You need a manufacturing partner that understands the need for reduced time to market as any delay could mean your products are a generation behind. Xometry helps you shorten the time between the initial concept and high-volume production. 


    The healthcare industry has some of the most stringent quality control requirements. This can include shop-floor cleanliness and material quality requirements. Our network of manufacturers includes medical manufacturing specialists that already know the complex medical regulatory landscape. This allows you to focus on your business. 

    Consumer Goods

    Consumer goods have extremely high demand, and these volumes can only be achieved via large-volume production. Xometry's network of manufacturers has significant experience with the demands of producing consumer goods and we ensure all high-volume products are produced in line with the relevant regulations. 

    High-Volume Manufacturing Benefits

    Listed below are some key benefits of high-volume manufacturing:

    Cost Effective

    High-volume manufacturing can take advantage of economies of scale, meaning that the overall cost per part becomes cheaper as the quantity increases. An example of this would be injection molding in which tooling is often very expensive and manufacturing more parts means that this cost can be distributed over more units, reducing their individual cost. 

    Reduced Lead Times

    While this may seem counter-intuitive, large-volume manufacturing often takes advantage of automated systems which are well suited to producing large volumes of the same part. Once the machines are set up, they can be left to run with little supervision. 

    Increased Productivity

    The automated systems used in high-volume manufacturing allow for increased productivity as they do not need to stop as long as they are supplied with material and completed parts are removed from the machines. Some facilities will run lights-out manufacturing, resulting in the maximum possible productivity. 

    Minimized Waste

    High-volume production often makes use of lean manufacturing principles which optimize the processes to make the most efficient use of materials, and lead to less material waste. This optimization is incentivized by the nature of high-volume production as any amount of waste is compounded as the part volume increases. 


    The flexibility in high-volume manufacturing lies in the capacity to scale to increased production demand in light of market fluctuations. Longer production runs and additional machines can be utilized if higher volumes are required. 

    Improved Quality Control

    The automated nature of high-volume manufacturing makes it easier to develop standardized and automated testing to ensure that parts are consistently manufactured. The quality control process can even be automated such that any measured deviations are automatically compensated for during manufacturing. 

    High-Volume Manufacturing Drawbacks

    Despite its many advantages, high-volume production still has its drawbacks, as described below:

    Initial High Cost

    The initial capital investment is high when undertaking a high-volume manufacturing project. For example, injection molding tooling can be extremely expensive, and millions of parts are often required to offset the cost of the tool.

    Setup Time

    While high-volume production technologies allow for unprecedented production cadence, these technologies are often complex and require significant setup time, especially if complex automation systems are involved.

    Inventory Management

    High-volume manufacturing consumes large quantities of material. This means that some stock holding is required to ensure that production does not slow down or stop. However, managing the exact amount of stock while reacting to market pressures can be challenging and may result in an oversupply in stock, thereby increasing storage costs. 

    Reduced Customization

    Once all the tooling and processes are set up, making design changes can be costly as it might require modifying the tool in the case of injection molding or changing the workholding in the case of CNC machining. There is also limited scope for customized products.

    Choose From a Variety of High-Volume Production Processes

    Xometry Capability

    Metal Stamping Services

    High Quality Metal Stamped Parts From Short Runs To Production In The Millions.
    Metal Stamping Services
    Injection Molded Parts

    Custom Plastic Injection Molding Service

    Get custom plastic molded prototypes and production parts in as few as five business days. We provide expert engineering reviews and $500 off your first mold. Dozens of materials and finishes are available.
    Custom Plastic Injection Molding Service
    Xometry Capability

    Resin 3D Printing Production Service

    3D Print End-Use Production Parts Using Our Advanced Photopolymer Technologies and Materials Free Shipping on All US Orders
    Resin 3D Printing Production Service
    Die cast metal parts

    Custom Die Casting Services

    High Quality Die Cast Metal Parts.
    Custom Die Casting Services
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